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(Proposal) Anthony Beauvillier for 2nd rounder TDL easily


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I'd rather we trade away Boeser and his fat contract and maybe even Miller, then we're going to need at least a couple of wingers. Certainly can't keep them all though. Beauvilier is a decent two way winger but brings very little offence, far too expensive at 4.1M. If we can negotiate his next contract down to a Pearson-like 3M I'd keep him as a 3rd line PK/PP specialist winger for sure but we can't be hanging on to all of these wingers.


I'd be intrigued to see how he performs on a more free-flowing offensive team (although maybe not now with Rick), maybe he'll bust out. I'd rather trade our current wingers to be honest. 


Sounds like Allvin is going for PKing forwards who play well defensively which I admire (like Raty, Mikheyev etc.), but we've got two of the worst defensive forwards in the league in Miller and Boeser so they're the ones who need moving.

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I think management will give him a shot the rest of the year and depending where we’re at around the TDL next year will determine if we move him as a rental or re-sign him. I do think Raty and the first were the pieces management wanted but I don’t think they are just going to ship off Beauvillier. I am fully expecting Boeser and Schenn to be moved and would not be shocked by Garland to be moved. I think Beauvillier with be with us for at least a year. 

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Add him to the list Brock, JT, Connor all should go if can get any value or at least not have to pay. 
Schenn may at least get a decent return. 
‘Still going to have D plugged up with 2 big unmoveable contracts but at least we look to be taking the tank seriously for the rest of the season.

Hated to see Bo go but first move in the right direction this franchise has made in a decade. 

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There really should be a banging head on wall emoji in this system.


This kid has top 6 potential and before he even has a chance to practice with us, someone wants to give him away for a 2nd round pick!


Can we at least see how he performs in a Canuck uniform first?


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AB's point totals have kept him in the NYI's top 6 FW group for the past 4 seasons.  In his Jr

years, he was considered an offensive player.  Reading the scouting reports, there are indicators

that he would projected to become a top 6 player.  Apart from his offence, he brings a lot of

great skills; speed, intensity, intelligence, passing, leadership, competitiveness and tenacity.

He was projected to be a C in his draft and was very good at faceoffs. For whatever reason,

the Islanders switched him over to LW (probably because they had better C's when he joined the club.

Since becoming an NHLer, he has also added a more responsible defensive game to his skills.


It sounds like the Canucks will give him plenty of opportunity in the top 6 to see if he can get

his offensive abilities going.  If he can up his offensive game, he instantly becomes a more

valuable player.


At the very least, he can be a 3rd line LW that can be reliable defensively and add some

offence. If he doesn't fit the team, he could easily be traded with $1mx1yr retention.

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Yeah, he's not going to get a 2nd round pick. Next year at the deadline when he's rental assuming he plays well for us, sure.


A 3rd liner making 4.15M in this cap climate is negative value. Not massive negative value as he's probably still seen as a guy with "potential" and only has one more year on his deal but this is also a player that has pretty much stagnated for several years.

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Beauvillier is basically Garland, but $800k cheaper and on a 2 year shorter deal.   Small .5PPG winger.  I do think AB is better defensively and can PK.


I'm willing to bet AB finds himself on a line with EP and AK, as well as PK2 and puts up some points.


Garland will be dealt for a dog of a 2 yr contract and a late 1st.

Boeser (1.5 retained) will be dealt with Schenn for a late first and a B-level prospect

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Beauvillier is the prime candidate to showcase right now between now and the deadline. If he can produce while playing an effective two-way game, he can be valuable at the deadline. The Lightning traded 1st round picks for Goodrow and Coleman. I would retain 50% and trade him to a contender for 1st, any contending team will have have him for 2 years at a reduced hit and that's worth a 1st. I would love to walk into this draft with a high 1st, mid 1st and low 1st. That way we aren't pressured into drafting a D with the Isles pick and can select the BPA.

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