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Thank You To Everyone - Rabbitats Rescue


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I have a friend who dedicates much of her free time outside of work as a vet tech to finding and returning lost dogs in the area. She has spent entire nights in the cold and rain walking through woods, setting up cameras and traps, and sometimes taking weeks to find a single pup. It's hard but rewarding work, and doesn't pay a dime, so I'm happy there's folks like you out there making the world a little better for the critters we share our planet with. I made a small donation and am looking forward to a progress update!

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8 hours ago, The Colt 45s said:

Doing something to make a small difference is awesome to read. We have a lot of rabbits around here, in rural Missouri but the coyotes do an important job to keep their population down.  That said, how do ya'll feel about hunting rabbits with beagles.  Both are cute. I own both. My beagle and bunny were born and raised at the same time. 

It's a tough question.


I hate it...any hunting at all. But, with that being said, my Dad and brother are avid hunters (food only, no trophy hunting). I often joke about the fact that I'm not sure how I ended up in this family. 


Rabbits don't stand a chance so a "hunt" where they're chased...terrfied....just hits me in the heart. If they had a defense mechanism and way to fight back...sure. Fair game. But they don't, so that kind of hunting I really despise.

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UPDATE: Thank you to all the supporters who donated! We met and surpassed our matched funds goal! We are now confident we will be able to land a permanent home for Rabbitats and our Kindred Community Farm Sanctuary partners in the Kindred Village cohousing project, although maybe in another location than the one under discussion. Our cohousing buy-in was set at $235,000 (half the down payment for our share). We were expecting $50,000 in outside support, which left a goal of $185,000. We have now raised over $100,000 of that and we are confident enough to take the next steps. We will continue fundraising as we work out the intricacies of the Kindred Village Association, bank financing, investments and grants.

I'm going to leave this thread open as the fundraiser is still active, with a goal of $185,000. However, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for those who helped us reach our matched funds goal as we did it! We raised over $50,000 and that has been matched by a very generous donor.


This thread can now be used for anyone with questions about buns or for other stories of animal rescue/love that people would like to share. I'll likely post closer to Easter as a reminder NOT to get a "cute lil bun" for your children if you haven't thought it through.


You're all amazing, thank you.


-Deb and the buns

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The majority of the rabbits you see in the lower mainland are dumped pets that breed ("like rabbits") colonies of feral rabbits. Not too common to see wild hares here.


Anyhow, the good news is that the efforts paid off (literally) and this is the most recent update to volunteers that I'll share with you:


A Brief Update…
Thank you all for your patience the past couple of weeks as we navigated through the purchase of a property and an unexpected crisis at South Surrey (a fire!...all buns are safe but must be moved to a new home) on top of the usual overwhelming stuff (this time of year is full of emergency call outs and vet visits....post Easter dumps are now in full swing as people no longer want those cute Easter buns they got for their kids a few months ago). 
After many hills and valleys the Kindred Village property is confirmed, the title was transferred yesterday, yay!
Rabbitats now owns 4.2% of a 5 acre property in Langley.
We can house up to 200 rabbits there, and we should have the use of around 4000 square feet of space in various configurations.
The current structures are minimal and unlikely to be useful so even to move the 35 rabbits from the current Kindred location to the new one will take some work.

A deep and heartfelt thank you (again) to all who contributed here. They are in constant need of funding and volunteers...the new property requires construction materials and manpower but things are trending in the right direction in as far as getting a more permanent home that can be turned into a safe haven for some of these buns requiring emergency care/intervention.

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