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[Mafia] Ain't No Flippin' Way - TP WINS!!

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With surrey gang activity skyrocketing, local residents are beginning to wonder if they’ll ever be safe from the crossfire. Walking past Surrey Memorial towards SFU? Taking your kids to QE Secondary? It’s a dangerous game nowadays due to the debilitating gang activity, keeping folks hiding inside their homes. To make matters worse, one gang in particular has come up above the rest, and have made it their goal to take over the city. 

This group has been dubbed the “Mafiosos.” Enacting all of their hits silently, and at night, people are fearing for the safety of themselves and their neighbours. Nobody was more feared than the leader, known only as the Godfather. He is the man who runs the entirety of Mafioso operations, and he does it well. No survivors, no witnesses, no trace.


Problem is, there’s trouble brewing in Surrey. Growing unrest with hotspot circles mixed with suspected police corruption makes running Surrey hard enough for this group of scum, but the Godfather hasn’t been heard from for weeks. 


This is a role-heavy game with one key mechanic: there will be no public affiliation releases for those who are killed. Keep the doc alive, and don't get shot!




The Hippy Drug Dealer


Every night, you will have the opportunity to share your special cocktail of hallucinogenics with one member of your choice, that in turn gives that person a magic healing property. This grants this person immunity for that night, making you the DOCTOR of the streets. Due to addiction and overdosing concerns, you're only permitted to save yourself twice over the entirety of the game. One key addition, years of recreational drug use and working on the streets has given you a keen eye with regards to the dead, and thus you learn of everyone's affiliation as soon as they die.


The Crack Addict


Your excessive use of blow has made you a highly paranoid individual. This allows you to astutely notice who isn't what they say they are, provided you spend enough time watching them. Every day, you will be able to investigate one individual with the accuracy of a SHERIFF.


The Homeless Dude who found a gun


After watching a brutal police murder, you stole his gun and decided to keep it for yourself. A self proclaimed VIGILANTE, you now get to play god whenever you want, but taking someone's life is difficult during the daytime. Every night, you have the opportunity to kill one person.


The Twins


These SIBLINGS know what it's like to live on the streets, and so they know how hard it is to trust those who aren't flesh and blood. You know everything about each other, and you have each other's backs, but you can't imagine what would happen to your sanity if the other were to die...


The Psycho Ex


For every person you sleep with, you also develop an unhealthy attachment to them. It seems that every night, you become a TRACKER, watching to see what your former lover does. You will know if they do something and who they do it to, but your mind will immediately jump to anger and sadness over them moving on before you realize what they've done. 




The Healing Godfather


Despite running a massively successful gang, you find yourself in hospital after being hit by a car. This mangled your brain, and left you unaware of who your true family is even though you have some recollection of what you did before. You know you have an important role even if you don't know who to talk to, and you know the best way to learn who the Mafiosos are is by stopping them from making a hit. As a LACKEY, you can block the actions of one person per night, and if you hit scum at any point then you will thwart their hit, but immediately regain access to your position as the Godfather. Once this is done, you will have no need to block anyone, but will be able to kill one person on your own over the duration of the game.


The Rogue Police Officer


After being corrupted, you have joined the ranks of the mafiosos as an undercover specialist. With access to all police resources, you have the ability to arrest and detain anyone you see fit, and thus BLOCK A ROLE for the night, until their release the next morning. 


For all new players or those who want a refresher, this page is a very valuable resource. I'll update the story as I have time and people sign up. 

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20 minutes ago, CommonMarble said:

Helloo everybody! I'm in!

[I'm also completely new to this site, though not mafia, so any advice on how things are done around here is appreciated]

Don't go into an empty room alone with the mighty Aladeenis. I don't know how he can even walk with that elephant trunk hanging between his legs...  

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