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(Proposal) Some trade possibilities to solidify our roster.


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I have several trade suggestions that may fill in some of the holes on our roster:

1. Boeser to Pittsburgh for Jarry.  I don’t envision that the trade would be a simple one for one.  This is only meant to be the starting point in a trade discussion between the Canucks and the Penguins.  Feel free to modify it for cap compliance and additional pieces to make this a workable trade.

2. Myers for a second round pick.  While we may have grown increasingly frustrated by his play, he does seem to have some value to other teams and competing bids may drive his price up.

3. Schenn to Boston for Lorei.  If we can’t get a suitable rhd prospect for Schenn, don’t trade him.

4. Demko to LA for Roy, Turcotte and Grans.  Hopefully Chychryn doesn’t end up in LA.  No other NHL team has as many center and rhd prospects as L.A.   
5. 2023 first round pick.  If we move up in the draft lottery, then swing for the fences and choose one of the studs at the top of the draft.  If not, trade down to receive extra compensation.  There are no defensemen in the top tier of the draft, so we can drop back a few spots, receive an additional pick, and still grab one of the defensemen available later in the first or second rounds,

6. 2023 first round pick.  As above, to receive additional compensation.  Almost all of the stud rhd prospects in other organizations were chosen in the second round, Lorei, Grans, Iorio, Morrow and others.

7. During free agency sign Graves from NJ as our second pairing lhd and move OEL to the third pairing where his misplays will hopefully be less damaging.

8. Resign Schenn during free agency.

9. Explore what it would take to acquire Connor Murphy from Chicago.

10. Move on from Stillman, Rathbone, Poolman, Burroughs and Studnika

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25 minutes ago, nameci said:

Then you are missing out in an affordable rhd in Roy.


If they wanna throw in Roy as part of the ++, have at 'er LA. I was thinking more low prospect/midround pick combo there

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That Jarry trade is terrible and makes no sense for them. Pittsburgh are in the playoff hunt. They aren't trading their starting goalie for a one way winger. That trade will sink their season for no reason. Casey DeSmith stinks and Tokarski is an AHLer. They aren't trading Jarry, they'll be in the goalie market this offseason because they can't afford to retain him.

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1. Wonder if they would want to do Zucker + a 3rd round pick for Boeser?  Next to Malkin I would wager that Boeser would have a resurgence, whereas Zucker is a pending UFA.  We could get out from the money and 3/4 top-6 winger spots (at least) should be accounted for (Kuzmenko, Mikheyev, Podkolzin, Garland), and that money can be used to sign a RHD (e.g., Mayfield) whereas the Pens would be extending their window with a younger winger.

For the rest, I don't mind waiting for Myers to become pending UFA, and the Graves and Murphy ideas look good (when/ if Kane gets dealt, I think maybe Garland + a pick so they have another Tyler Johnson-type that can contribute and is youngish).  

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