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Demko re-injured?

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12 minutes ago, Plaguez said:

Reading the Irfaan Gaffar is reporting that Demko suffered a setback and tweaked something at practice on Thursday. I don't have twitter to copy post but saw posted on Reddit.


Anyone read/hear of confirmation on this?

Yeah it's on the injury thread.  We won't know until tomorrow when we see who's on the bench.

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4 minutes ago, PhillipBlunt said:

If there's any "truth" to the rumor that he's re-injured, I think shutting him down for the season is a huge part of it. It does make the most sense to shut him down for the season. Let these third string goalies stay on as the strong tank commanders that they are. 

The team confirmed he had a setback, just not the extent of it. 

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31 minutes ago, hammertime said:

We owe Martin and Delia a debt of gratitude. The success of our tank job this year will be at the cost of their careers. Unlikely either of them gets an NHL gig again after this year. 

Umnnnn, do you see Demko's record this year?  They are all bad - and it's not really their fault - it's our porous defense.

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42 minutes ago, Coconuts said:

Yup, just let him heal up for the rest of the season. We're tanking just fine and his longer term health is more important than playing this season, we'll need him next season. 

I would be all in favor of shutting Demko down for the season except for one thing. It would be good to know if he will actually be able to play effectively again of if the Canucks should be looking for another #1 goalie. Tristan Jarry (UFA after this season has been mentioned as a possibility) although he also currently injured.


With good goaltending next year (or even just league average goaltending) I would expect the Canucks to make the playoffs next year. I don't think the Canucks want another bad year just because they don't have a legitimate NHL goalie.

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