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[PGT] Philadelphia Flyers at Vancouver Canucks | Feb. 18, 2023

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8 hours ago, Coconuts said:

This franchise was suffering loooong before he came around 

 Bill LaForge, the first draft lottery Buffalo won, the rainy weekday morning after Neely. League taking our towels off the bench. Those 2 7 minute 5 on 3's?    Libor Polasek. 







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I don't usually watch HNIC because I would rather miss Bieksa than watch Ron McLean and Kelly

but I watch the Philly game

and I have to ask, is Ron Mclean really showing signs of dementia?

speaking about Silovs.. " Calgary jumped out to a 2-0 lead and then it was all Silovs"

and "You, yu,  ewe, euphemism, there's the word"

I don't like the guy, but I wouldn't wish this on him


on a positive note, I liked how John Garrett bailed EP40 out when the talk went too long on Captaincy

I thought John had one of his usual rough starts, but he earned his keep by moving the conversation along there.


Good game by Petey and nice to see Beauvillier settling in

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14 minutes ago, Timråfan said:

If the aliens could come here I believe they would produce a more intelligent script than the bible. B)

Who are the real intelligent ones...Pretty simple to follow 10 rules of commandments. 


yet here we are. 


The Purge Halloween GIF by PeacockTV

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