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[Report] Jake Muzzin out for the season and playoffs

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5 minutes ago, Sell.the.team said:

I think the tank commander may be better served on the Canucks front lines!

Nonsense. Myers has artfully instructed Stillman on all things tank. If Myers is traded to Toronto, the Canucks are in good hands without him. 

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12 minutes ago, NUCKER67 said:

Trade Schenn (to TB) and Myers (to TOR)


Hughes - Bear

Stillman - Burroughs

Wolanin - Juulsen




Keep Schenn and trade Myers to Leafs.  Toronto only gets Shenn if it'f for their 1st (according

to Leafs fans, will be 32oa, which is close to a 2nd (anyway):bigblush: 


If they have to trade Schenn, it better be for a 2nd minimum and my preference is to Calgary so

he's closer to home.

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If Toronto want to be taken seriously they need to add a defenceman. They should try and steal Gavrikov from under Boston's nose but they've wasted their top pick, so would need to be sneaky and creative.


Myers to Toronto looks more and more solid, I know they'd like Schenn but Myers can play top-4 minutes if need be. A 3-way trade makes perfect sense. We retain 2M on Myers, ask another team to retain 2M and give them a 4th round pick, then Toronto give us a 3rd rounder. They have 4M in deadline cap space so can make him fit. If they can't they can give us one of their many bottom-6 forwards to make it work. 


There's a trade there, Allvin just needs to get creative. The easy way out is Schenn for a pick but Toronto don't have a 2nd for 3+ years...

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