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[Proposal] Complete retool

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Alright gang, no messing around, going to be a lot of controversial trades here but I think this gives us a shot at a complete 180 degrees turn and a stab at the playoffs next year.


1) Miller to CAR for Morrow + KK

Canucks do it because we get our young top RD and 3C, and shed Miller's cap while we can. Carolina do it because their bottom defensive pairing is pretty average, Schenn gives them a Cup winning warrior, and they need a top-6 scorer. They also have a bucket-load of TDL cap and should shed some in the off-season too so can fit Miller. They've been rumoured to be in on him for whatever that's worth.


2) Boeser to MTL for Monahan

I wouldn't have proposed this if it hadn't been suggested by "insiders" previously, for some reason Montreal are one of the teams interested in Boeser. Apparently Monahan might be able to get them a 1st but I doubt it, and I doubt Boeser is worth a first either, so they sort of cancel each other out. Monahan's probably going to walk in the off-season anyway so Montreal would be wise to get something for him and Boeser being 25 is still relatively young so sort of fits their rebuild. We do it so we get a (pretty average) 2C (more realistically a 3C).


3) Myers (1M retained) to TOR for Kampf, send a 4th rounder to a third team to retain 2M of his cap

Seems like the price to retain a couple of mil is around a 4-5th rounder right now, there's lots of banks open for this. Toronto need a defenceman, Muzzin is out all playoffs now, and they have been interested in Myers for some reason. Myers at a 3M cap hit is a bargain for them. They have 4M in TDL cap space but just in case they don't they can send us Kampf, who's minutes are being replaced by Accari. He's a solid bottom-6 (really 4th line) center.


4) Buy-out OEL

The big controversial one but with the cap space we save with the above trades, it's worth it. Massive savings next year, around a 2.5M cap hit the following year, 4M cap hit for 2 years then 2M the rest of the way. Sounds rediculous but pretty much every team has dead cap, it's just about managing it, and I'd spend it on retooling this dreadful defence.


5) Sign Graves in the off-season 5M x 5 years

Sounds like another UFA disaster waiting to happen but Graves has been massive for NJD and with Luke Hughes coming through, they have no room to keep Graves along with the rest of their kids. Sometimes it's hard to tell if a player is doing well because he's on a good team, or the team is doing well because he's on it, but watching him I think their D is solid because of him.


6) Sign Livingstone

We'd have to get lucky, but advertise the fact that he'd basically play with Quinn Hughes. You couldn't ask for a better partner.


7) Schenn to TBL for Foote

Pretty simple one, old guy for a young guy, they want one last chance to win. Foote has been playing as a 7D so can fight with Morrow for minutes.


Mikheyev - Pettersson - Kuzmenko

Beauvillier - Monahan - Garland

Hoglander - KK - Podkolzin

Joshua - Lazar - Aman


Hughes - Livingstone

Graves - Bear

Dermott - Morrow/Foote


I know that's not a flashy team, the fire-power takes a hit but our defence gets more mobile, a lot younger, and under Tocchet I'd hope that those centers (who are pretty decent two-way guys, not great offensively) can really jam it up and play solid defensively, with Petey the only real star there. Not exciting, not a high-scoring team but if we can play a bit like Rick's old team (a bit the way the Islanders are now) we've got more chances of winning games.

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I think Montreal is looking to re-sign Monahan to a cheap contract. He fills a bigger need for them than a $6.65m Boeser (considering they have Caufield and Anderson as their top RW. 

They also have young guys knocking at the door ready for the NHL.  RHP has 7 goals, 10 points in 13 games.  They have Farrell who will likely be signing his ELC once the NCAA wraps up.  

Boeser is too expensive to be of interest to Montreal 

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I like some of these for sure. Miller to Carolina yes please. If we can move Meyers for something I'm down. #6 and #7 yes, low risk for us if it happens. 


The Boeser to Montreal deal seems weak to me. Also Monahan is hurt I believe, so that may impact it. Also no to buying out OEL, at the moment. Eventually I can see them doing it, but not yet. Let's try to build a better team D and see how it does under that system. 

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1 hour ago, Bobby James said:

I like some of these for sure. Miller to Carolina yes please. If we can move Meyers for something I'm down. #6 and #7 yes, low risk for us if it happens. 


The Boeser to Montreal deal seems weak to me. Also Monahan is hurt I believe, so that may impact it. Also no to buying out OEL, at the moment. Eventually I can see them doing it, but not yet. Let's try to build a better team D and see how it does under that system. 

If Monahan isn't really available, we'll need to replace Miller and get a proper 2C. KK is 3rd line center at best (for now).


In free agency there's no great options but Compher and Kerfoot might be available as the Avs/Leafs might not be able to re-sign them. I'd be more interested in a young guy like Puis Suter or Sundqvist from Detroit - both have been playing well as middle 6 forwards, are young and one of them might break-out. Sadly none of them are 60-80 point players (yet), so we'd start the season with one top line (arguably top-10 NHL) center and two 3rd line centers, hoping one of the young guys could bust out and score at a 60 point pace.


Honestly I'd be ok with that - sacrificing offence for defence is something this team has needed to do for 5 years.

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Ok, so I like the premise....


I like the Miller for Morrow and KK

I will pass on Monahan

Boeser ($2,000,000 retained) to Detroit for Rasmussen (1 year @ $1,460,000 )

Myers out after the $5,000,000 bonus is paid.

I'll go with buying out OEL

I like the Graves signing, but I will clench my teeth as I sign the contract ($5 years X $5,500,000)

Absolutely sign Livingstone

Schenn for a 2023- 2nd TDL

Resign Bear

Resign Schenn UFA..........3 years X $1,025,000 per  NTC ****

Sign Scott Mayfield............3 years X $4,000,000 per



I am drafting my 2nd line center...........Smith, Moore, Dvorsky**

NY Islanders 1st...................................Barlow***


Going to draft 2 RHD's with my next 3 picks (2,2, 3) Strbak, Willander, and Goalie


KK elevates to 2nd line center, short term while our 1st pick matures

Morrow fills the hole in our RHD for a young offensive Dman








# Lockwood/Hoglander we need to figure what we are doing with them, as they are coming off their ELC's





Stillman................Morrow/Livingstone (one to the minors)             




My estimate is that is a approximate $74,000,000 Cap (Including Boeser's retention)


*      KK plays 2nd line center for a year or 2, but slides into 3rd line duties, when our 1st arrives

**    Smith, Moore, Dvorsky.....one will be our 2nd line center long term

***   Barlow will be Petterssons LW long term, once he arrives 2 years

**** Schenn's total contract can be hidden in the minors (NTC) He deserves it, and it is the carrot




Not many changes from yours and it was totally based off of your plan. But I think it works and is a little heavier and more aggressive. If Morrow, Livingstone, Strbak, and Willander turn out, we are set with new young RHD's and do not have to use our 2024 on one, which means it is open to adding another, solid piece with it. Raty did not look terrible against StL, and maybe he surprises and actual ends up a 2nd liner, which would be a terrible problem (sarcasm) I don't know, I like your plan. We might have to over pay a little to get Graves and Mayfield, but I am sure our Goalies would appreciate it.





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