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Introducing our First Nations Celebration jersey!

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the thing that makes me laugh is i cant stand any of the jerseys the canucks have released the last 15 years - yet these holiday / other themed jerseys they do are so beautiful..... but they charge $750 for them!!!!


Why can't they make some beautiful "regular" priced jerseys.


Will not be supporting them at $750 per, no matter how nice they are.

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Why not make t-shirts with this design and give 'em away like the BC Lions did with their commemorative T's for Reconciliation Day. They could still sell the jerseys for those who are able to fork out that much bread for 'em. However, I'm afraid that won't stop anyone able to afford such from grabbing a freebie T as well. 


As the Lions did, they gave away T's to the first 10,000 fans. That wouldn't work with the idea of the free Canuck T's however. You know lotsa' jersey buying individuals will take advantage of the free swag regardless. So..............give away T's to everyone!

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