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OEL - do we really need him?

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  • 3 months later...

Although I'd prefer to see him moved if at all possible ... accepting we're stuck with him ...


I'm willing to see how he does with a healed foot and under Tocchet's expectations, which he knows.


We need him to be at his ceiling for the next couple years and at whatever best potential we can get out of him. So, in that regard, we need him. 


I wasn't sure about his relationship with Tocchet at first but it looks like there's mutual respect there, so hopefully that's what he needs. 



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On 2/24/2023 at 4:44 AM, 48MPHSlapShot said:

We'd better hope he can regain something resembling top 4 form, because we're stuck with him.

Well it's a case of the whole team playing like they mean it, otherwise it will bring anyone down and he was playing ok until the whole team nose dived EXACTLY back to the Arizona scenario, which was probably the pushing point to him losing his mojo again, maybe something like this, you leave a job because the co. Is a $hitshow, promised a better job elsewhere but the same result, another $hitshow and that exactly where we went to start the season.. how could that not take your heart out of it, as in back to, not a chance of ever winning a cup "headspace" that existed here before he ever got here, simply in the last 12 years with so many contracts locked in for so long with broken players, it's not rocket science to know it would take a LONG time to even get back to odds with everyone else in the league including Lou's recapture for so long.  

 In that situation, you'd get a country (who the f cares) club, or something to that affect.

 I fully expect RT to help him get back to his AAA game and if there's ever a time for that to happen it's right now!  

 How would that play out for the best results? The whole team needs to be all in.. if that actually happens, he will buy in too. 

 Well to what degree, idk but without that.. it doesn't matter who we sign if we can't get a team that plays a hard fast game exactly like 2011/2012 roster that was so hard and fast on the forechecking and hitting, it caused a lot of goals and got us as far as it did. . 

 IF we ever get back to that, or something as close as possible, then we we'll have a actual shot at Stanley if we actually keep loading up on picks and prospects for the future FOR A CHANGE!! 


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On 2/26/2023 at 8:49 AM, myre said:

"Burrows do we really need him?"


Imagine if OEL made the OP regret this thread just like Burrows did!


One can dream I guess.

I remember that, never have I saw anyone get flamed that bad here EVER!  I could just imagine the look on DLC's face as she read that... That old motley crue song comes to mind, Looks that Kill! :P

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Posted (edited)
22 hours ago, Alflives said:

Yup. Worst trade in our club’s history.

Benning :picard:

1) Benning gets hired as Laffs GM

2) Benning trades for OEL giving us a 1st round pick

3) Benning trades their only big money forward that showed any pulse in the playoffs to free cap space to add OEL

4) Benning hires Willie or Green as their new head coach

5) 7 years of hilarity

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