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Are We Back on the JR Bandwagon Yet?

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JR Performance  

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I don't care about how successful the club is for some time.  It is still absolutely shameful how he and the front office handled the firing of Bruce Boudreau.  It has actually put a serious stain on the franchise.  When it comes to sports, there is something more than just pure performance.  Fans should want to be proud to support their team.  We have no pride right now.

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2 minutes ago, NewbieCanuckFan said:

Tough to improve without moving OEL.  Even offering a 1st round pick (lottery pick protected obviously) wouldn't be enough for another team to take on that contract.  Myers is alot more movable.

Yes the two biggest stumbling blocks for sure. Hoping for a miracle at this point.

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1 hour ago, BertaNuck said:

There are gambling on some big maybe type player trades 





hopefully doesn’t turn out to be 

goldoblin, bearcheese players we tried to reclaim 

I think these types of players are hit and miss but mostly miss.  Did Benning hit on any of them?  Baertchi was the best and then he came into concussion issues.  The thing is, it has to be part of your plan but only a small part.  Benning gave away too many picks.  


Allvin at least, gets that he needs good picks and insisted on the 1st for Horvat.


I think that if you're counting on 60% draft picks, 40% projects, college and Europeans you might be successful.


The thing too is that a lot of these reclamation types are running out of time on their ELC which is the reason why they're being traded.  You have to look for the reasons.  Raty has 2 years on his ELC after this season.  Kravstov has arb rights this summer because he was signed in 2019 but he also played off and on in the KHL since.  He's never really performed in the NHL so he'll sign for <$1M for a year again.  But the real reason why he was moved was to make room for Kane so he's fairly low risk.  

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