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K'andre Miller spitting incident

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1 hour ago, canuck73_3 said:

Accidental or not suspension needs to happen imo. 

he starts turning his head away from Doughty and spits as Doughty is coming at him. So lame. Take fighting and physical play out of the game now players can't spit......have you seen the ice by the benches and around the goal lol. Such crap that this is even being discussed. 

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1 minute ago, canuck73_3 said:

No just spitting in a scrum is beyond stupid just like defending it is. 

uh oh personal attack territory now haha


Not defending him at all, he spat as he was getting charged on by Doughty, even turned his head away. If the refs or league feels its a penalty fine, if someone thinks the kid should pay and get suspended for it that's their decision but seems kind of lame if it was accidental. I simply thought it could be overblown. Don't get me wrong the only time I ever got put in the principal's office in school was knocking out a guy who thought it was funny to spit on my face, so I get it, disgusting yeah.



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