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Manifesting the First Overall Pick

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Obviously Bedard changes this franchise for the next 2 decades, but we are going to walk away from this draft with at least 2 players with top of the lineup potential.  Zach Benson is a guy I could see having absolute superstar potential, and we are in decent position to take him at this stage.

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6 hours ago, Kevin Biestra said:

Meh, couldn't embed the clip I wanted.


So anyway...how about those Canucks.  I hear that Jason Herter is developing nicely.


He was the Brendan Gaunce of defensemen in terms of prospects.:lol:  Didn't particularly excel in anything nor was he weak in anything.  Why one is a fringe NHLer at best & the other didn't even play more than one game at the NHL level?  Herter had the misfortune of suffering a large number of injuries.  Still likely wouldn't have amounted to much more than a journeyman NHLer imho.  A type of prospect you pick at the later rounds in the hopes you can turn him into a useful player; but not somebody you draft in the 1st round.  Take Brock Boeser for example.  Is slow, not particularly physical.  *BUT* has one legit high level skill (at least at the NHL level) - his shot.  You draft guys like Boeser all day (in the draft position he was picked at).

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