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[Rumour] Time's up! Finish your last sentence...

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3 minutes ago, canuck73_3 said:

I'd shoot for Miller for Morrow, Kochetkov another prospect and Patches back if needed for cap relief.

Kochetkov is their goalie of the future with their starters being 33, ufa and Carolina not signing 30+ players to term.


not sure JT would be a good fit in that the locker room either.


1 minute ago, mll said:

Waddell: " You’re always worried about giving a 29- or 30-year-old player and having to sign them because all those guys want six, seven years. It doesn’t fit into our thinking of how to run the team. It doesn’t mean they’re bad players, but at some point you’re going to be paying for something that they’re not. So we’ve been very careful about that. And we’ll continue to keep that in mind as we try to move forward here."


That would be quite a deviation from their process.  

Thanks, couldn't find this.

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4 minutes ago, canuck73_3 said:

GM's biggest mistakes are made at the trade deadline - Brian Burke.

And repeated by Waddell.  He says trades are made in the off-season and not at the TDL.  

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Really watching the games in detail of late and if there is one large deal only that they make; (I think there'll be more) It would be Conor Garland. He doesn't really


fit with the team. Doesn't seem to have much for friends, Game is going down hill, Is out of position more often then not, and so on. Most want Boeser moved but


I for one, do not want to retain nothin !!!  Brock can return to form if Tocchet gets more time with him. If a team want's Boeser, get a high draft pick, a young guy with


size that can muck it up, something that we need, not whatever we can get. Huge difference.


Most of all, a dream really, I wish Oliver Ekman Larsen would ask to be traded.  Now that's a fresh start and a new, tougher, more energized defense for us. :)

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38 minutes ago, NUCKER67 said:

Boeser is playing how he looks - uninterested and unhappy.


I could almost bet that if he's traded (to MIN or an American team closer to home), he would be a lot happier and start producing again in volumes. He could be a 30-goal scorer in a better situation.

I agree he is looking uninterested and unhappy, but I dont agree he will be a 30 goal scorer anymore, no matter where he plays. I just don't think he has it in him to go fast, work hard in the corners, go to the dirty areas etc. It could be injury, or it could be mental. I mean, if he wants out so bad, take a page from the book of Horvat and elevate your own trade value. His play has made him almost impossible to trade. 

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3 minutes ago, GhostsOf1994 said:

BB6 to Carolina for Morrow+Pick(s) fresh start for bb6 and I think he would benefit from the atmosphere in Raleigh. 


I had suggested Miller to Carolina in a different thread. I think the 'Canes will look at what the other contending Eastern teams are doing and decide they better make some kind of deal.

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