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[Rumour] Time's up! Finish your last sentence...

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16 minutes ago, Mike Vanderhoek said:

His adult children were trying to continue to receive monthly allowances, part of that stipulation was their schooling to which the adult children were trying to get into different schools than discussed and agreed upon between the parents and children. Context is everything.


Know idea what his personal circumstances are or how they got to what is reported or rumored in the public eye. I have my own personal stuff to worry about and his personal life is not my business. Couldn't be any happier seeing him putting up all the money needed to run the Canucks though, there have been years where the future of the club in this city was in jeopardy.  I am not taking the stability and already the most success by this franchise for granted while being owned by Aquilini. Highest winning percentage of any Canucks owner in the .560's, most banners and trophies under his ownership.



You have your own personal stuff to worry about, but then proceed to jump into a conversation defending him. I don't understand that logic in the slightest.

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I think we moved in the wrong direction competently. The wrong direction is a set feature of the team defined by ownership so at least the crew was refreshingly competent compared to the last guy. 
We are fighting hard to become a middle of the road team that hopes Demko gets a hot run in him before his hips get out. 

Things I liked:

the Bo trade was good value. Mid first rounder with potential to be better, good prospect decent young winger with good speed.

Kravtsov deal. Good gamble, lots there to like cost very little. 
Like that this team isn’t married to their mistakes. Got a return for Stillman and a decent one. Lazar wasn’t working out and moved on. 
‘Benning left a team that was slow, not physical, not very skilled and was small to boot. We have brought in players for the most part who can really skate and/or have good size and skill.  
Adding a quality right D, young since our intent is to be able to scrape into the playoffs, not win there. This was a good step for moving towards mediocre. 

Things I didn’t like

We backed ourselves into a corner and we’re forced to make the Bo trade. 
We knew this was not going to be a rebuild, just a retool of the retool done by a tool. We got a first rounder that had the potential to be at worst a mid rounder and possibly a lottery pick next year and traded it along with another second without even knowing what we had.
We keep acting like we are a championship team when we aren’t even a half decent team. 
‘We are the 6th worst team in the NHL, are over the cap for next season and have the highest salary commitment next year of any team in the NHL. we have only managed to shed cap from premium positions of C and D and have added soooooo much cap to the wing. Other GMs smell desperation and aren’t going to line up to help us out.  Myers doesn’t automatically go to Arizona for pics just because of the structure of his contract, that will still cost us. 

We have heard that the best deals are often the ones you don’t make.  Well, our worst failures have been the deals we didn’t make for JTM. Not trading him for the rumoured return from NYR last year was a massive mistake. If it is true that Pitts offered 2 first rounders with no retention then we made an even bigger mistake.  The idea that we needed a centre back now in this deal is just so incredibly stupid and short sighted. In the off-season having cap space and 2 first rounders to work with this could have been addressed with more potential options AND helped us in the Bedard bowl. 

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I bet the players are feeling deflated.  They know their team isn’t good enough and see that management can’t fix it.


Another few months of waiting for the next shoe to drop. 

At the very least we don’t accidentally screw up the tank by the cast off cap dumps we would have taken back in trades playing better than our talented guys

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13 minutes ago, DeNiro said:

But what if the “thing” was just bringing us all together to spend time with each other.

What if that’s the gift he was giving us all along! :wub:

I don't know man I would still prefer a "thing."

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7 minutes ago, Moe Knows said:

Agree with much except I do think we'll be better next year...just not better enough

Curious why you think we’ll be better next year?

far as I can tell we had a massive downgraded (horvat) and the stepped sideways hronek. 

They’ll need to buyout or pay to trade players/cap in the summer 

which will most likely hurt the on ice product even further.


oh well as the Canucks slogans go - it is what it is 

And there’s always next year . 













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