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[Trade] Canucks trade Luke Schenn to Maple Leafs for 2023 3rd-round pick

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3rd rounder makes sense. 1st rounder was incredibly hopeful. When I seen they had no 2nd rounders I figured it'd be a 3rd rounder. This is why I wanted them to just re-sign him. I don't know just how likely it is he re-signs here. If he re-signs. I am fine with a 3rd. If he doesn't re-sign here. It's pretty meh trade.

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1 minute ago, Harold Drunken said:

Anyone who thought we were getting a 1st for Schenn is stupid. Sorry to be blunt, but it's true. 

I honestly didn't think it would've been a 1st, but figured a 2nd for sure and since TO didn't have one I was hoping.

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5 minutes ago, Mustard Tiger said:

Meet my minimum to move him and it's a 23 pick. I'll take it. Love ya schenner! Enjoying whooping jeannots ass for 7 games straight ( but a TB series win ) 

Also another isles pick, which is likely to be earlier in the round than a lot of contenders.


Nvm sounds like leaves 3rd. Still probably early lol

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Just now, Harold Drunken said:

So, Vancouver trades away 3rds and fans lose their collective minds. 


Vancouver receives a 3rd and their reaction is "Meh"


Confused Kevin James GIF by TV Land



Yeah, I've never once lost my mind about a 3rd round pick. But try again.

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