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Filip Hronek | #17 | D


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16 minutes ago, -AJ- said:

Findings from looking at basic stats:


- Detroit's top OFD. Can be relied on for 35-50 points. Is currently on pace for 52 points.

- 25 years old (younger than Boeser, about a year older than Petey)

- Pretty solid +8 rating

- Based on TOI, was Detroit's #2 defenseman

- 7.4% shooting percentage is a bit high, but he's done it before (7.2% in 2019-20 in 65 games).

- Average hitting frequency

- Fairly average size (maybe a tiny bit small for a D) at 6'0", 190 lbs

- Does not block many shots (similar to Hughes)

- Fairly poor giveaway-to-takeaway ratio

- About 40-50 PIM per season--rarely fights, but does have two major penalties in his career (unsure if they are fights)

- Used on the 2nd PK unit for Detroit with quite good results in that role (lowest PP GA/60 of any defenseman with at least 12 seconds PK time in Detroit)

- Used on PP1 for Detroit with Seider often (two d-man unit)

- Very good PP shooting percentage (18.1%)

- Has the highest PP GF/60 on the PP of any Detroit defender (9.98)

- Used fairly defensively in 5v5 with a 43.0% OzS

- CORSI of 45.5% is fairly acceptable given his low offensive usage 5v5

- 0/2 career in shootout. Bust.

I've read that he blocks a lot of shots and has a powerful shot from the blue line.

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9 minutes ago, higgyfan said:

I've read that he blocks a lot of shots and has a powerful shot from the blue line.

I can believe the shot based off his shooting percentage on the PP. He doesn't block many shots though. 54 blocks in 60 games isn't much. By comparison Seider has almost 3 times as many blocked shots at 149 blocks in 60 games.

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I don't really like this deal the more I think about it but its not on me to say if this was good or bad. I do like that Allvin is changing things up but at what cost though only time will tell.

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19 minutes ago, Coconuts said:

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We got a RHD with the NYI pick and if I'm being honest with myself I think Reinbacher is gone by that time, Simashev's a lefty, Hronek vs ASP it's probably a good bet that Hronek is at least as good as ASP and we don't have to wait 3 years for him we pay a 2nd for that luxury.  

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8 minutes ago, hammertime said:

New Christian Ehrhoff?

That'd be nice.


I can see the 'why' behind the deal but I think we overpaid considering what Chychrun went for an hour later. Yeah I know RHD vs LHD but when you consider pedigree, size, contract years remaining we still overpaid. Hronek was always going to be behind Seider on Detroit so they were probably looking to take advantage of a team in the exact situation as the Canucks. We played right into their hand imo. At the very least, this deal could have waited until draft day when there is more clarity and picks seem to be more valuable. The timing of this deal doesn't serve our interests.

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Depending on how Hronek pans out; he is likely the replacement for Tyler Myers who, IMO, will be bought out or traded in the off season. Hronek is 8 years younger and cheaper and will not be an RFA with arbitration rights till 2024-25. There could be some cap savings if Myers is moved. Still have some hope for both Schenn and Livingstone to be part of the D next season.

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