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[Proposal] Miller for Jamie Benn+

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So, Dallas is going on a bit of a skid right now after a hot start, and a lot of their top guys are starting to slow down, at 3-3-4 in their last 10. Their cap situation is fine, the problem is they don't have all of the pieces they need to get them over the top. Especially now, when they're sliding out of the top spot in the Central and morale is at a low. With Seguin and Benn slowing down, there's too much cap here for too little performance. With the west being so wide open this year, and them having one of the best goalies in the league, it may be worth it to make a huge splash to push into the playoffs. For that reason, I would go and offer: 


JT Miller (1x5.25; 7x8) + Tanner Pearson (LT-IR, 2x3.25 when healthy/over summer) + Curtis Lazar (3x1)

6.25 this year, 12.25 next year, 9 the next, 8 following




Jamie Benn (3x9.85) + Lian Bichsel + 2024 Protected 1st

9.5 total


Why do we do this? I hate Benn too for the "Sedin sisters" comments, but we gain some much needed cap space going into next offseason, along with a decent defensive prospect and a mid-late 1st we can keep or flip. We pick up more immediate cap, but lose no long term space. Jamie Benn is also the perfect power forward to teach Podz even if Benn isn't performing, similarly to Sundin with the Sedins. He can also play C, which allows him to take JT's spot. 


Next year:

Beau - Petey - Kuz 

Mikheyev - Benn - Podkolzin

Hog - Raty/Aman - Boeser/Garland (Assuming one is sent packing in the offseason)


Why would Dallas do this? Seguin has another 4 years after this at 9.5 million per year on the cap, and they've been playing pretty terribly of late. If they want to win in an easy conference, they may as well go now. This deal opens up over  3 million in immediate cap-space they can use on rentals. What if it doesn't work? Well, JT has a good chance to maintain his form alongside Jason Robertson or Wyatt Johnston, and Lazar/Pearson are both useful pieces that will help them next year that also fit into their cap. 


For playoffs:

Robertson - Hintz - Pavelski 

Miller - Johnston - Dadonov 

Marchment - Seguin - Dellandrea

Lazar - Faksa - Olofsson 


Pearson can take Dadonov's spot next season, or slide in on 3RW if Dellandrea earns it. 

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7 minutes ago, luckylager said:

Probably can't get anything for Miller now. 

Every GM in the league forecasts cap commitments, except ours.


Canucks have to be desperate and make whichever move hurts the least. No leverage

Na OEL is LTIRetired. Either that or were stashing him for playoffs baby. 

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I'd do it but Benn wouldn't, his NMC likely puts and end to this before it gets anywhere. He'd be dumb to come here as he's got a much better chance of chasing a cup in Dallas. 

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