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10th Annual CDCFL Entry Draft (2023 Edition)


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With the 28th Pick of the CDCFL Entry Draft, Tampa Bay selects from the Prince George Cougars


Koehn Ziemmer - Elite Prospects


Koehn Ziemmer



@Down by the River


@Canuck Surfer


The 4 above teams, please DM me 1 player who you wish to select. As @Nail has noted in the discord chat, should all teams select differnt players, we will be good to continue. Should a player be selected by multiple teams, we will have to await the final results from the Conference finals, unless a GM is willing to change their pick

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18 hours ago, ActionJax09 said:

With the 31st pick in the 2023 CDCFL entry draft the Ottawa Senators are proud to select from the Saskatoon Blades of the WHL defenceman Tanner Molendyk

Could contain: Hockey, Ice Hockey, Ice Hockey Stick, Rink, Skating, Sport, Helmet, Person, Face, Head


18 hours ago, Relyt Krets said:

@Down by the River to kick off round 2!


15 hours ago, Down by the River said:

With the 33rd pick the LA Kings select Jayden Perron from the Chicago Steel. 


@Patrick Kane is up.

Yall skip pick 32?

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34 minutes ago, Gator said:


Yall skip pick 32?


23 hours ago, Down by the River said:

With the TBD pick in the first round, the LAK select Otto Stenberg. 

DbtR posted it before picks 29-31 (after it was confirmed none were picking the same guy).

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