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Scientists are investigating why Orcas are teaching each other to attack ships in Europe


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Maybe it's just a phase?


In 1987, Orcas Had A Fashion Of Wearing A Dead Salmon As A Hat





Orcas themselves are not immune from memes and cultural trends, as shown by (among many other things) the dead salmon hat trend of 1987. 

In the Puget Sound area of the northeast Pacific, one female orca from k-pod began carrying a dead salmon around on her nose. Over the next 5-6 weeks, the behavior spread, and by the end of it, orcas from her own and two other pods were wearing dead salmon hats. Then all of a sudden, the fad was over. Bar a few times the following summer – latecomers, like humans just now deciding to wear Uggs – the trend has never been seen again.



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