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Because PLD wants out


To Winnipeg  -Miller 1 million retained next year

                     -Dries   762,000 for 2023/2024

                     -Lekkerimaki 950,000 for 3 years

                     -11th pick


To Vancouver -PLD  signed and traded for 8 million for 6 years so will be 30 if he wants to get a kick one more paycheck whether with Canucks or elsewhere.

                       -Adam Lowery  3.25 for 3 years

                       - 18th pick

                       - 2nd round pick 2024


My thoughts are the Jets have hard time getting free agents because its Winnipeg(see PLD).Miller is signed fro 8 years and is coming off 

99 and 82 point season.He stays healthy.81 games this year.He gets to play with some big boys and won't have to do all the hard forechecking.

Dries goes to play their 3rd line center for 2.4 million-ish less than Lowery.The pick swap hopefully entices the trade for Miller.The Canucks may or may not get the 2nd.


The Canucks get A 24 year old big strong second line center for 6 years,Lekkerimaki is a 1st round 15th overall Center/Winger.Worth the value.Lowery becomes the Canucks 3rd line center they are looking for with only 3 years term while Raty developes in the minors.The picks are the picks.

All in all the Jets save 1.76 million next season with Miller and Dries.Not much but brings their deadline cap space is going to be a little over 60 million this year.They can easily afford Miller.Also how many teams are willing to  trade a 80 plus point 2nd line centerman that stays healthy for a team that will be happy to take a long term contract that won't bolt the second their contract lets them.Yes he is 30 but beggars rarely get to be choosers.


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Unless that contract is signed PLD is a pure loss period.  He will not re-sign and he will not stay.


the guy has demanded a trade from his Jr team, two NHL teams and while there may be no weight to it has repeatedly since Jr said he will play and wants to play for Montreal.


That to me screams issue and for that reason, I'm out dawg

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If PLD agrees to an extension with the Canucks before the trade happens I would be ok with it. Lowry would be a great 3c for the Canucks and Dubois is just getting better. But I don’t see it happening. And since it won’t happen I would ask for Dillon also.

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Anyone else thinking Chevy is probably going to be gone sooner rather than later? For years there's been whispers of divisions in the room. Now two of the better players in Winnipeg want out. And he's standing by his "we're not rebuilding" mantra. He lost a great coach who is in the Stanley Cup finals. I think Winnipeg has to rebuild or do a massive overhaul.

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