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[Signing] Oilers sign Connor Brown

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775K in base and potentially up to 3.25M in performance bonus.  He's bonus eligible because it's a 1-year deal and was on IR for over 100 days last season and has played at least 400 games.  


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$4M seems like an overpay. Unless it’s one of those bonus laden contracts for a guy coming off a major injury?


“The player has signed a one-year contract after returning from a long-term injury (has played 400 or more games, and spent 100 or more days on the Injured Reserve in the last year of their most recent contract).”


Brown was worth around $4M (or the equivalent cap percentage) from 2020-2022, but I’d have expected him to get less after missing nearly an entire season.


EDIT: never mind. Above post confirms its one of those bonus deals, which makes more sense 



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