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Kyprios, you can see why he played hockey

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I recently watched a video on Spoftsnet Called "who are the winners and loser amongst Canadian Team:" Well it became apprent tht Nick either doze off in class or he's takem one too many blows to the head.I spoke 3 times about TO made fleeting mention of Mtl and Ottawa and di squeeze one reference to an Ontario kid who had been signed by theOilers. Asto Winnpeg, Calgary and Vcr, well apprently they must reside in the USA because he excluded them. That sums up Sportsnet for me

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7 minutes ago, MaxVerstappen33 said:

I like Real Kyper. But I know he has his critics 

He's actually made himself into a good hockey insider, like LeBrun and Dreger, but for some reason, he's always had a blind spot when it comes to the Canucks. (maybe something happened in '94)


I remember him criticizing Daniel for standing there and taking Marchand's speed bagging him in the 2011 finals....then the very next season, going on a rant, when Hank actually fought back in a similar situation...."That's not your game!"...or some such nonsense.


It seems like Kyper is happy to criticize the Canucks' organization whenever he can...and if there's nothing worth criticizing, he's happy to pretend they don't exist. Of course, this doesn't always happen. He has to occasionally say something good, to give the appearance of impartiality. (He might occasionally praise Petey's game, for instance....or say something positive about Hughes)


Still, there has been enough negative Canucks opinion from Kyper over the years that the fanbase doesn't think a lot of him.

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