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It's been a week to the day since I put out this feeler post about starting a new league, and coming on 1 week we already have 20 spots filled with many new faces beginning their CDC Fantasy GM journey!


It's looking like a very real possibility of having a full 32 team league right out of the gate. At the time of writing this there are only 12 spots left, and still about a month and a half away from the season opener!.. I would have been willing to do a late start to the season to fill up prior to the fantasy draft, but I don't think that'll even need to be considered at this rate.






Carolina Hurricanes - @Down by the River

Columbus Blue Jackets - @theo5789

New Jersey Devils - @TiTaniuM

New York Islanders - @NUCKER67

New York Rangers

Philadelphia Flyers - @Ilunga

Pittsburgh Penguins - @Bob.Loblaw

Washington Capitals - @Petey Castiglione



Boston Bruins - @Sludge

Buffalo Sabers - @BBKELLY99

Detroit Red Wings - @Gally

Florida Panthers

Montreal Canadiens - @Rush17

Ottawa Senators - @HighOnHockey

Tampa Bay Lightning

Toronto Maple Leafs - @Caboose



Arizona Coyotes - @Bounce000

Chicago Blackhawks - @Patrick Kane

Colorado Avalanche - @thrago

Dallas Stars - @Primal Optimist

Minnesota Wild - @MeanSeanBean

Nashville Predators - @BigTramFan

St. Louis Blues - @Phil The Thrill / @Master Mind

Winnipeg Jets - @arby18_



Anaheim Ducks - @NMHockey

Calgary Flames

Edmonton Oilers

Los Angeles Kings - @AriGold

San Jose Sharks - @Dion Phaneuf

Seattle Kraken - @grandmaster

Vancouver Canucks - @Gator

Vegas Golden Knights - @Relyt Krets






Nothing is set in stone yet, but as of now it's looking like it'll be something like...



40-45 Rounds (Snake draft)


10-15 Prospect limit

(2022 or 2023 draft pick)


Will begin once league fills and the draft lottery is done. Time limits TBD. The closer to the expiry date (also tbd) we get, the shorter the time limits become.


Order will be determined by random selection. A fellow GM has agreed to do it live for all to see. 



In GFL I plan to take realism to a whole new level. From now on players angent(s) will be seeking out deals for their clients (if needed), and free agents will consider a wide range of things when deciding where to sign. I am also thinking about trying out a GM rep system. A system that will have an effect on free agency, extention talks, and possibly more. It probably won't get used this year, but may put it to the test in year 2 after working out all the kinks to it


The typical yearly prospects draft will most likely be spread out over multiple days to allow for more trade discussion at crucial moments. I'm thinking a 2 day process. Rounds 1-2 / Rounds 3-5.


I also plan to take the full blown tank strategy down a notch as well. Now, if you want any of the top 5 picks you can't finish in the bottom 5. All teams that finish bottom 5 in the league standings will drop 5 spots after the draft lottery is completed, no matter the outcome. A full blown tank will still net you some nice prospects, but you won't have the luxury of a top 5 pick. 6-10 is still decent though.


CBA coming soon...




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CBA: (Not official yet)







Section 1: Scoring Stucture

  • 1.1 - Scoring Table

  • 1.2 - Playoff Scoring

  • 1.3 - Home Ice Advantage

  • 1.4 - Captaincy Boost

  • 1.5 - ELC Player Boost

  • 1.6 - Stat Tracker


Section 2: Roster Guidelines

  • 2.1 - Active Roster

  • 2.2 - Roster Moves

  • 2.3 - AHL Roster

  • 2.4 - Unsigned Prospects

  • 2.5 - Salary Cap


Section 3: Contracts

  • 3.1 - Contract Limit/Salary Cap

  • 3.2 - Restricted Free Agents

  • 3.3 - Qualifying Offers

  • 3.4 - Offer Sheets

  • 3.5 - Unrestricted Free Agents

  • 3.6 - NTC/NMC

  • 3.7 - Extentions

  • 3.8 - Buyouts

  • 3.9 - Compliance Buyout

  • 3.10 - Entry Level Contracts

  • 3.11 - ELC Slides

  • 3.12 - Franchise Tag


Section 4: Player Movement

  • 4.1 - Trades

  • 4.2 - Trading Salaries

  • 4.3 - Injured Reserve

  • 4.4 - Waivers

  • 4.5 - Unconditional Waivers


Section 5: Entry Draft

  • 5.1 - TBD


Section 6: Front Office

  • 6.1 - Front Office Budgets

  • 6.2 - Player Relations Department

  • 6.3 - Player Development

  • 6.4 - Medical/Training

  • 6.5 - Minors Budget

  • 6.6 - Scouting Department


Section 7: New Features

  • 7.1 - Team Morale System

  • 7.2 - Captaincy/ELC/HIA Boosts

  • 7.3 - Cap Hit Calculator

  • 7.4 - Penalty Level






*1.3 & 1.4 may get scrapped next offseason depending on feedback


1.1 Scoring Table


Goal: 4 points

Assist: 3 points

Powerplay Point: 1 point

Shorthanded Point: 2 points

Overtime Point: 1 points

Game Winning Goal: 1 points

Penalty Minutes: 0.25 points per minute

Hits: 0.25 points

Blocks 0.25 points

Hat-Trick: 3 points



Goal: 5 points

Assist: 4 points

Powerplay Point: 1 point

Shorthanded Point: 2 points

Overtime Point: 1 points

Game Winning Goal: 2 points

Penalty Minutes: 0.25 points per minute

Hits: 0.25 points

Blocks 0.25 points

Hat-Trick: 5 points



Win: 10 points

Overtime/Shootout Loss: 5 points

Shutout: 10 points

Goal: 99 points

Assist: 10 points

Penalty Minutes: 1 point per minute


*points subject to change every offseason



1.2 Playoff Scoring

Scoring Structure will remain the same in the playoffs. The only difference is you can only use 1 "starting" goalie per playoff round. You can only activate your backup goalie if your starter gets hurt, and you have the minimum budget requirement met in your "medical/training facility" to do so.


NOTE: Your backup goalie can only earn points in games not already started in by your starter.


EXAMPLE: If your starting goalie gets hurt in game 5, your backup can only earn you points in games 6 and 7 of his series.



1.3 Home Ice Advantage

A team with "home ice advantage" will receive a 5% points boost to their points total at the end of the series.


EXAMPLE: Playoff series between 2 teams ends…

(1) ARZ - 100 vs (2) SJS - 102


After the HIA boost is applied it'd be…

(1) ARZ - 105 vs (2) SJS - 102


It won't be a big impact. A close series is where it'll have its biggest impact. Similar to in real life.



1.4 Captaincy Boost

Players that wear the C & A for your team will give you a boost at the end of the season to help propel you in the standings. In order to be eligible for the boost you must still have your captain's on the team. You can only set/change your captain's once per year, and it has to be done any time in the offseason prior to the start of the season. 


If you have all your captain's still on the roster and do not set captains on time, it will be assumed you are going with the current players. If you no longer have 1 or more of your captains leading up to the start of the season, you will need to set new one(s). Failure to do so will result in a level 2 penalty.


If you trade them away at any point of the season you will not be eligible for their boost. Goalies are not eligible for a captaincy role.


Captain - 5% - 15%

Alternates - 5%


Captain's & Alternate captain's will earn you a boost of 5% minimum. However, there is a way to have your captain reach up to a 15% boost!


  1. When a player hits the 365 day mark as their team's captain they receive an additional +5% boost.


  1. When a player hits the 1000 day mark as their team's captain they receive an additional +5% boost.



Every team must have 1 captain and 2 Alternates. Everyday a captain keeps their title as team captain, your team morale will see a boost. Of course that also means a simple move such as changing your captain could have drastic impact on the overall team morale. Depending how long the previous captain had the C for.


*Captaincy boosts only get applied to regular season totals. Has no effect on playoff scoring… Also you DO NOT get the captaincy boost from another teams captain if you trade for them.



1.5 ELC Player Boost

Similar to the captain's boost, the ELC player boost works in a similar way. Up to 2 players on their ELC can provide a 5% points boost. You will need enough funds invested in your player development department to use this perk.


1.6 Stat Tracking

Stats will be tracked using www.pickuphockey.com


Username: TBD

Password: TBD







2.1 Active Roster

Each roster can have up to a maximum of 23 players. Which must not exceed 14 forwards, 8 defenceman, or 2 goalies at any time. As for minimum requirements, you should have no less than 12 forwards, 6 defenceman, or 2 goalies. Must have the minimum requirements met with reasonably considered NHL players. Having a full time AHL guy on your main squad will not fly. Failure to meet the requirements can lead to penalties such as (in extreme circumstances) forfeiture of draft pick(s). All teams must have 1 captain and 2 alternate captain's. They must be set in the offseason prior to the season opener. See 1.4 for more details on team captain's.


NOTE: You must post an official lineup in the thread prior to the start of the season. Failure to do so can lead to harsh penalties. For every day late you will be deducted 50pts and charged with a penalty level of 2. Failure to do so over a long period of time could also lead to forfeiture of pick(s) OR termination. When roster is submitted late I will enter it in as it was done opening night, then the appropriate points will be deducted.



2.2 Roster Moves

All roster moves must be made in thread as their own post and must be clearly phrased. Not doing this may cause it to not get processed.



WAIVERS: Vancouver places X on waivers



CALL UP/RECALL: Vancouver calls up X



SEND DOWN/ASSIGN: Vancouver assigns X



2.3 AHL Roster

This is where any of your signed players that are not on your Active roster will go. Anyone in the AHL that is waiver eligible will be placed on waivers automatically on a date TBD. After that has happened they won't need to be put through waivers again unless the get called up and sent back down throughout the season.


You can have up to 28 players in your AHL roster as long as you have the minor league budget for it, and have no more than 50 total contracts.



2.4 Unsigned Prospects

Unsigned prospects are players that you have drafted but have never given an ELC to. These prospects will re-enter the draft in 2 years if not signed to an ELC. There is no limit on how many unsigned prospects you can have.



2.5 Salary Cap

The salary cap in CDCGFL will mirror the NHL when it comes to the salary cap. For the 2023 - 24 season the salary cap will be set at $83,500,000, and the cap floor will be set at $61,700,000. If we do not have a full 32 team league these numbers may need to get adjusted.


A teams active roster should never be above, or below these numbers during the season. If they are, penalties such as pick forfeiture and/or points deduction may be applied. At no point should a team be over 10% of the current salary cap. If any move (trades, signings, etc) is made in the offseason that will put a team over the 10% window, it will NOT get processed.







3.1 Contract Limits/Salary Cap

The most contracts a team can have at one time is 50.


Minimum Salary: $16,500,000

Maximum Salary: $775,000


Max Contract Length:

If you own the rights to a player, or owned the rights before free agency begins, you can send them a contract for up to 8 years. If you don't own their rights, and didn't own them before free agency began you can only offer a contract of up to 6 year term.


3.2 Restricted Free Agents

Players who played less than 7 seasons and is 26 or younger.



3.3 Qualifying Offers

GMs looking to maintain the rights to their RFA's will need to submit qualifying offers. A qualifying offer is a 1 year offer with an aav determined by the players last contract.


$500k - $1.5M: 110% of last contract


>$1.5M - $3M: 105% of last contract


>$3M: 100% of last contract


A qualifying offer is calculated using their base salary only. Players do not have to accept their qualifying offer. They still have the right to seek a contract elsewhere. However the team holding their rights will have the option to match any contract they agree to, or let them walk for compensation (if required).



3.4 Offer Sheets

When free agency opens, GMs will be allowed to send an offer sheet to other teams RFAs. If a player signs an offer sheet the team holding their rights will have 1 week to match after they've been tagged by "Gator" in the thread. If the team declines to match or missed the deadline they will lose the player, and instead be given compensation based on the AAV of the contract signed by their RFA.


• $1,356,540 or less - None


• $1,356,541 - $2,055,364 - 3rd


• $2,055,365 - $4,110,732 - 2nd


• $4,110,733 - $6,166,096 - 1st, 3rd


• $6,166,097 - $8,221,463 - 1st, 2nd, 3rd


• $8,221,464 - $10,276,829 - (2) 1st's, 2nd, 3rd


• $10,276,829 or more - (2) 1st's, (2) 2nd's, (2) 3rd's


Teams can only send an offersheet if they have the picks to pay the compensation. They must be their own picks. You cannot use other teams draft picks to pay the compensation.



3.5 Unrestricted Free Agents

Players who are 27+ and/or played 7+ seasons (25 game minimum to count as season) will be a UFA. UFAs without a contract are eligible to be signed by any team starting the day free agency kicks off. They will only be able to sign for a maximum term of 6 years, unless they sign with the last team that held their rights before free agency began. If they sign with the team that holds/held their rights, they can sign up to 8 year term. This is pretty much to give the team with the players rights an upper hand in any contract negotiations.


3.6 No Trade/No Movement Clauses

A player must be 27 or older to be eligible for a NTC or NMC. 


NTC: If requested a player must submit a list of 10 teams he will accept a trade to. Eligible for 2 requests per season. 1 before Jan 1st, and 1 after Jan 1st.


NMC: If requested a player must submit a list of 3 teams they will accept a trade to. Only eligible for 1 request per season.



A team will be charged with a penalty level of 1 for asking for a list from a player with a NTC. Penalty level of 3 will be given if asking for the list of a player with a NMC. Now you will need to think twice before giving players these Clauses in negotiations. Even if they hold trade value down the road, just asking them for their list can & will negatively effect your team morale.



3.7 Extentions

Teams with pending RFAs and UFAs (on final year of their deal) are allowed to speak to an agent about an extention. The agents will work with you to try and get a deal done. This does not mean they won't test the open market, but you will atleast be given every opportunity to get a deal done before that happens. In some cases a player will want to test the market, but every situation will be handled differently, with a lot of factors being accounted for. Things such as player relations budget, state of team, players tenure, etc will all be looked at when any contract discussion is being had.



An agent holds the right to make decisions under their own discretion. Getting upset and insulting an agent or making call out posts can lead to disciplinary action. Anything from penalty level 1, to forfeiture of draft pick(s), all the way up to dismissal. Punishment will be dictated on the severity of the situation. If you have any issues with the handling of contract talks please reach out privately and we can discuss internally, and work on fixing any issues to help improve the FA process for the future.



3.8 Buyouts

Players must be placed on unconditional waivers before they can be bought out. If they clear, you can buy out the remainder of their contract. Buying out a contract will add 1 year of aav, but reduce the AAV depending on the age of player at the time of the buyout. 


25 or younger - 33% of AAV


26 or older - 50% of AAV



3.9 Compliance Buyouts

Only a newly hired GM will be awarded a compliance buyout. When a new GM gets hired they are given the ability to use 1 compliance buyout. They will have 30 days from the day hired to use it before it expires. 


Any players bought out with the compliance buyout will first need to pass through uncondional waivers. If they make it through, you can buy them out and completely rid your team of the contract.



3.10 Entry Level Contracts

ELCs will be signed using the following system. If draft position is different in CDCGFL & NHL we will split the difference.


1st Overall - $3.25m ($950k base)


2nd Overall - $3m ($925k base)


3rd Overall - $2.75m ($925k base)


4th Overall - $2.25m ($925k base)


5th Overall - $2m ($925k base)


6th - 10th - $1.5m ($925k base)


11th - 32nd - $1m ($900k base)


2nd Round - $875k


3rd Round - $825k


4th(+) Round - $775k



3.11 ELC Slides

If a player on their ELC is 18 or 19 as of September 15th, they are eligible for the ELC slide, as long as they have 9 or less games of NHL experience. If you choose to slide their contract, they will not be eligible to be called up for the remainder of the season.


To process an ELC slide request, simply make a post in the thread and tag "Gator" in the post. If the player is eligible the move will be processed.



3.12 Franchise Tag

Teams will be permitted the use of 1 franchise tag per year. A franchise tag stops a player from hitting free agency if a long term deal can't be reached. If a player is hit with the franchise tag they will receive a 1 year deal with an aav equal to the average of the top 5 players at the position (F, D, or G), or 120% of their last contract. Whichever is greater.


NOTE: The franchise tag is the only way a player can earn more than the max aav.







4.1 Trading

In order to make a trade official one of the GMs must submit a trade call in a message on CDC,  tag the other GM(s) & "Gator" in the call. Both GMs must agree to the trade details in the message before it gets processed.


Points are not transferred between players in trades..You will keep the points the player got you up to the day of the deal. Trades may take a bit to process, but will be backdated when I get around to them.


If trading draft picks, please state clearly which picks are being moved…

 "TEAM 2023 1st"


Trade Deadline: TBD



4.2 Trading Salaries

A team can retain up to $3M or 50% salary per year (whichever is lower) up to a maximum of 3 years. 


• Max of 3 salary retention contracts per season


• Max of 3 reduced salaries per season


• Cannot trade just salaries


• Cannot retain a contract if it'll put the aav any lower than the league minimum ($775k)



4.3 Injured Reserve

A player must be on IR in real life to be placed on IR. To place a player on IR simply post the roster move in the thread. Make sure it is in its own post and clearly phrased. Players will be eligible for IR beginning October 1st. 



You must have the required budget to use the IR function. CHECK TBD FOR MORE INFO.


A team may be eligible for the career ending injury relief benefit. To use the CEIRB you must send in an application to "Gator". If approved the contract will be void at no cost to the team. 



4.4 Waivers

If a player gets placed on waivers all teams will have a 24 hour window to put in a claim. If nobody puts in a claim the player can be sent to the AHL, and not have to be put through waivers again unless trying to send them back down to the AHL after recalling them. For a player to become edible for waivers they must meet 1 of the following requirements.



  • 22 or younger - 150gp

  • 23-24 - 100gp

  • 25-26 - 50gp


  • 22 or younger - 80gp

  • 23-24 - 65gp

  • 25-26 - 30gp


Every month this list will reset in reverse order of standings according to pickuphockey at the time. Everytime a team successfully claims a player they are put at the bottom of the list. The list can be found on the the 1st page of the thread.


If a player that has been claimed on waivers in the last 30 days gets put back onto waivers, the original team will have the option to reclaim the player and put them directly into their AHL system. However, if another team puts in a claim, they will get the player. Unless the original team is higher on the waiver list and is willing to put player on their NHL roster.


On OCT 1st of every year ALL waiver eligible players in a teams AHL system will be automatically placed on waivers. This is to prevent GMs from storing NHL level talent in their AHL system.



4.5 Unconditional Waivers 

Only differences between waivers and unconditional waivers is the player can be bought out if they clear unconditional waivers, and they are on waivers for 48 hours instead of 24.







Will be working on this over the next few days/weeks/months?


One thing to keep in mind in the process is finishing bottom 5 in league standings will drop you 5 spots. Completely taking you out of the running for a top 5 selection (unless you have another teams pick)







6.1 Front Office Budgets

Every team has a total budget of $100M to spend across 5 different departments. Each department playing a pivotal role in your teams success. Spend your money wisely, as you can only set these once a year between September 1st & October 1st.



6.2 Player Relations Department

Money in this department go into locker room and facility upgrades, among other things to help keep your players. This will play a VERY important role in keeping your team morale up. Which in turn can help you in future contract negotiations.


Max Budget: $40M

Min Budget: $10M



6.3 Player Development

Money spent in this department allows your club to hire the best coaches to help your young kids get off to a hot start. Expect a boost of point production from a couple of your young kids if you invest enough money here. 


$20M: 5% boost from 1 ELC player


$30M: 5% boost from 2 ELC players


If you invest money here make sure to post in the thread which ELC player(s) will be "boosted" and tag "Gator" in the post. I will highlight their ELC clause tab on the team sheet to show they're "boosted". Points will be tallied the same way as they are with the captaincy boosts… And just like the captaincy boosts, these boosts are for regular season point totals only.



6.4 Medical/Training Facility

Investing in the medical and training facility is how you will open up IR slots. As stated in section 4.3, a player must be on IR in real life in order to be placed on IR in GFL. However you can only place them on IR if you invest enough money into this department. The most IR slots you can use at one time is 5. 


$10M: 1IR slot


$20M: 3IR slots


$30M: 5IR slot + use of backup goalie in postseason



6.5 Minors Budget

This one is pretty self explanatory. However much you invest here will essentially be your AHL salary cap for the season. It does come with a minimum & maximum budget.


Min: $10M

Max: $30M



6.6 Scouting Department

Investing money into your scouting department will increase your odds of landing talent on draft day. Depending on how much you invest you will be awarded a free draft pick. This pick is untradeable, and is made at the end of the round during the break. These picks come with fast 3 minute time limits. If you miss the pick you can't make it up until the completion of the draft.


$10M: 3rd round pick


$20M: 2nd round pick


$30M: 1st round pick








7.1 Team Morale System

Don't plan to use the morale system for the 1st season, but if it works as intended and GMs are in favor of using it, it will be used.



The team morale system is simply just a formula made by myself to track your teams overall happiness. It is automatically calculated on your teamsheets as info is placed and changes. Everything you can think of is accounted for in said formula.


Player Relations Budget


Total number of days tenure by every player on your Active roster combined.


Total amount of annual salary spent on your players


Teams seeding


Captain bonus points - Explained below


Penalty level - Explained below


The formula combines all that info and calculates everything to give you a numerical number. The higher the number, the happier your team is, and the better other players will view your team. 



7.2 Captaincy/ELC/HIA boosts

The captaincy (1.4) & ELC (1.5) boosts are only applied at the end of the regular season, and DO NOT get applied to playoff totals. You must have enough $ invested in your "player development" department to use the ELC boost. The HIA (1.3), or "home ice advantage" boost is the only boost that can be applied to playoff point totals.



7.3 Cap Hit Calculator

I'm not sure if this is new, but I'll explain how it works in this section. The cap hit Calculator calculates the total cap hit you'll be charged for specific players for the remainder of the season. If you acquire a player with $10M salary 50% of the way through the season you will only be charged with a $5M cap hit.


If you have a player come off IR or called up from the minors, the cap hit is calculated the same as if you just traded for him. This may change in the future once I figure out how to track IR players days not on IR spent with team, but for now it'll be a little exploit. Good reason for GMs to invest into their medical/training facility.



7.4 Penalty Level

Penalty level works as a multiplier that negatively effects your overall team morale. Each infraction comes with a different level of penalty ranging anywhere from 1-3. The penalty level resets on OCT 1st to "0" every season. Potential penalties may be added to the list as the season goes on, but for now the penalties are as follows:



  • Bottom 2-5 of standings for the month


  • Requesting list from NTC


  • Removing the C from the team captain who was captain for less than 500 days


  • Trading any player with a tenure of 500+ days


  • Disciplinary action



  • Each day late setting lineup and/or captain's


  • Removing the C from a captain with 500-999 days as team captain


  • Disciplinary action



  • Remove the C from a captain with 1000+ days as team captain


  • Finish bottom 5 of league standings at conclusion of regular season


  • Request list from a player with a NMC


  • Disciplinary action


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28 minutes ago, Master Mind said:

What site do you plan to use to track stats?

Master Mind never stops the fantrax grind.


I would be in on this. Leafs please.

Edited by Caboose
  • Cheers 1
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18 minutes ago, Gator said:


Thanks, count me out then.


If you consider using Fantrax instead, then I'd be in, and can even help with the setup.


3 minutes ago, Caboose said:

Master Mind never stops the fantrax grind.


I would be in on this. Leafs please.

You know it, I like my fantasy leagues to use the most customizable platform out there. I also hear they have top notch staff B)

  • Cheers 1
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Montreal. Pls.


I'm in if you can get enough people. I already have to many leagues but I've never been able to draft one via a fantasy process. So for that reason I am very interested.

Edited by Rush17
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Interesting, I would be down for Dallas, but I am a weirdo: i only want to be in CDC based leagues that have a rule you must be a CDC member in good standing. This way folks who get banned from CDC for shi%$y behaviour won't be talking to me in the league chats. If that is a thing here, I am in.


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20 minutes ago, Caboose said:

No salary cap though? Why? Kinda takes the fun out of drafting a compliant team.

Only for year 1. I'm fine with starting out with a cap, but figured it'd be a fun way to attract GMs early. As I said everything is subject to change as this is just in early development

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38 minutes ago, Primal Optimist said:

Interesting, I would be down for Dallas, but I am a weirdo: i only want to be in CDC based leagues that have a rule you must be a CDC member in good standing. This way folks who get banned from CDC for shi%$y behaviour won't be talking to me in the league chats. If that is a thing here, I am in.


That is a thing. Will be put in the actual CBA

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1 hour ago, Gally said:

Interested as Red Wings


Edit: I think I’d only be interested if we have salary cap year 1

Open to it, but would like to hear from others before making a decision. I'll lock you in for Red Wings for now, and if you want to back out after a decision is made you can

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I plan to have a "record book" spreadsheet done up as well. Just a few off the top of my head ideas would be..


- Most/least regular season points.


- Most/least points in each individual playoff round.


- Most/least points in a week.


- Most/least points in a month


- Most/least points by a player in a game - Week - Month - Season


- Furthest draft pick rise/fall


If you think of any other ideas that could be added let me know. 

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1 hour ago, Primal Optimist said:

I'd seems right if its a possible league, if it was a de facto league already then "i'll". ;p


I would take .... seems legit.

That's what I thought at first but 2nd time reading it threw me off :lol:

Edited by Gator
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