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Are more expensive skates worth it ?

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16 hours ago, MaxVerstappen33 said:

I am a casual skater who goes to rinks weekly/monthly and skates for exercise and fun. 


I've had these basic CCM skates since 2009. I bought them from Walmart brand new. They are still good shape. No rust.  I was thinking of just getting some new ones. Just because they are old. But I really don't need to.


I don't mind spending $ on things that I use a lot. So the question is , is it worth it ? 


Does a $250 pair of skates feel better on feet than a $120 pair ? Are they easier to tie up ? Whats the positives about more expensive skates ?



Based on this description I'd say no, don't buy expensive skates for what you're doing with them.  That said you're understanding of 'expensive' skates is different than mine.   To me an expensive skate is anywhere from about $900 +.  I paid almost a grand for my last pair including custom blade profiling,  but I'm on the ice 2x per week with my own team and sometimes 3x per week with the kids' team. Even then, my serious competitive days are long behind me and I paid that mostly for the better materials and durability of the boot, I want these present pair to last me at least the next 5-7 years.  For the average 'recreational' skater who isn't playing hockey with them (which wears down the boot/holder/blade) considerably faster) I'd say an entry level skate, or one step above that, is just fine.   To me it's like the kids on the team I coach,  I tell parents NOT to buy the $300+  composite one-piece sticks (many do anyway) for their kids as there's virtually no way a kid that age/skill level can tell the difference let alone benefit from the higher priced sticks versus an average priced one.  

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16 hours ago, MaxVerstappen33 said:

Mine were the cheaper ones from 2009 too so yeah we. You're probably right. 


I do skate pretty hard. And I'm sometimes I'm out there for hours. Especially if I'm inEdmonton with the frozen outdoor ponds and streams 



Lol. Definitely invest in quality skates, and get them professionally fitted too. Go to Cyclone Taylor sports. Spending an extra $200ish dollars on something you're using that much is definitely worth it. It changes the quality of your life. And yes, the difference between modern skates made from ultra light materials is night and day from old Canadian Tire specials they were selling for sub-$100 15 years ago. It'll instantly change your skating ability and the enjoyment you get out of skating.


For the amount you're using the skates, I'd probably go higher than my previoius recommendation and get something in the $4-500 range.


Stiffness should be a major consideration, depending on how much you use the skates. The higher skates are designed to be overstiff and work in quickly for someone using them multiple times a week. If you're just going a few times a month, then don't get those and stay mid range.

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