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[Official] CDCGFL 2023-24


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5 minutes ago, NUCKER67 said:

Also new to this stuff. How do I access the discord channel? Is there a password or anything?

No password required. Can join off me once I go live. It's easier on the computer but phone works too.

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We're all filled up!


Draft lottery is in 1 hour!


Once that is complete I will work on a draft spreadsheet, and make a fantasy draft thread. Once that is up I will tag whoever is the first to go and they can make their selection immediately. However, the 12 hour time limits do not start until Tuesday at 230pm PST or later (whenever the GM gets tagged), so they do not have to make a selection until then. 


Just remember, the faster you make your pick, the faster your players start earning tenure. You can also name your captain the moment you draft them.


Make sure you check the CBA before drafting. There are a lot of new things that aren't in your typical fantasy leagues that include point boosts, the team morale system, and more.

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  • Gator changed the title to [Official] CDCGFL 2023-24

You do not have to be there for the lottery, but if you want to be certain of the legitimacy of it I strongly urge you to tune in. Make sure to join the discord server to tune in to the live feed (Link in OP)



- Rush will go live at 4:55pm pst (less than an hour from now), and will wait 5 minutes for people to tune in. 


- I will pick a random GM that is in the live feed to give Rush a number 2-10.


- Whatever number that GM picks is how many times Rush will randomize the list.


- Whatever the order of the list is after the randomization is done will be the order of the 1st round. This is a snake draft, so each round will be reverse order of the last

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Tampa Bay Lightning - 
Arizona Coyotes - 
Vancouver Canucks - 
St. Louis Blues - 
New York Rangers - 
Seattle Kraken - 
San Jose Sharks - 
Buffalo Sabers - 
Ottawa Senators - 
Florida - 
Pittsburgh Penguins - 
Chicago Blackhawks - 
New York Islanders - 
Edmonton Oilers - 
Calgary Flames - 
Dallas Stars - 
New Jersey Devils - 
Boston Bruins - 
Los Angeles Kings - 
Toronto Maple Leafs - 
Colorado Avalanche - 
Winnipeg Jets - 
Philadelphia Flyers - 
Vegas Golden Knights - 
Carolina Hurricanes - 
Minnesota Wild - 
Anaheim Ducks - 
Montreal Canadiens - 
Detroit Red Wings - 
Nashville Predators - 
Columbus Blue Jackets 

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