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[discussion] forum closure

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Ted Lasso

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So earlier today a co-worker friend of mine has a buddy who worked as security for Rogers Arena and he told my buddy earlier today that it's a long story but he had to leave his job at Rogers Arena.  Doubt any connection, but makes you wonder. 

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1 minute ago, Elias Pettersson said:

I will have a major announcement to make on September 30.  Since this forum will be shut down you may as well know who I really am.  Stay tuned...   :)

You mean you're not actually Elias Pettersson?

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Just now, Ilunga said:

I know how you feel brother, going through the worst time in my life.

This community and my fantasy leagues on it give some sort of comfort.

Hang in there, brother. It’s going to get better. 

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2 minutes ago, Toews said:

The format of Reddit doesn't allow for quality discussions, the upvote system means that click bait content gets pushed to the top. Its a good way to get information but its terrible for any nuanced discourse. 

I feel like the introduction of the wat face and the paper bag responses kind filled the reddit downvote niche here. But I never wanted to say anything about them cause people just would have used them on me. Lol. But yes, the downvote thing Reddit has going really does kill a lot of discussions on Reddit. It's literally just a place for memes and sh*t talking.

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