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[discussion] forum closure

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Ted Lasso

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2 minutes ago, brilac said:

Hey All!


I am at a lost for words and also since I just woke up from a nap and saw this!


It was a pleasure getting to know you all and our interactions! This board has been a really great place for all and us and since I joined in July 2014! 


If you want to stay in touch, contact me and vice versa, please message me! 

It sounds like there’s another forum to join and you’re more than welcome to.

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18 minutes ago, Ilunga said:

I know how you feel brother, going through the worst time in my life.

This community and my fantasy leagues on it give some sort of comfort.

Hang in there. You’re not alone.


13 minutes ago, -SN- said:

So...this is obviously disappointment. The decision wasn't mine, but apologies for the timing, I know it's a bit awkward with the season so close. Like many of you, this forum has been a big part of my life. I've always used it as my source for news and discussion, and I've enjoyed the many many personalities that have been through. I also didn't enjoy a few, but even those battles will be remembered fondly.


As to why? I can't tell you that - but I think there is a focus on other social media channels now, and the forum hasn't been seeing a lot of growth.


There are of course some existing alternatives, but none of them have the same long-form format as we have here.


To try to support the existing community and provide a place where everyone can continue, or simply come together, I've booted up a new forum at https://www.forumcanucks.com/ (soon to likely be https://www.canucksfanforum.com). The structure mostly follows what is here to make moving over simple and easy, but of course it is open to suggestion and change. I'll keep it going as long as possible.

Thanks Stealth! Appreciate you keeping the same interface. I just set up an account as Huggy Bear (wanted that as my next username ::D)


9 minutes ago, -AJ- said:

See you all there! Let's keep this thing going <3 :)


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6 minutes ago, -SN- said:

So it's your fault!

I used to belong to a forum called Whatthenuck that a member of this forum ,wallstreetamigo created.

Sharpie, Bertuzzi Babe, Squeak, Primal Optimist amongst others were members.


I am totally computer illiterate however could something like that be created ?

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