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Checkout http://forum.canucks...s/page__st__100

or for Archived clips

NEW VIDEO ADDED: Stan Smyl - Simply the Steamer

The first to Captain the Canucks to the Stanley Cup finals, the first to have his jersey retired.

He was the epitome of heart and soul, a warrior with great class. Stan Smyl was a loyal Canuck and played 13 seasons in the National Hockey League.

Smyl notched 262 Goals, 411 Assists and 693 Points for the Canucks

He was the Canucks all time leading scorer, until he was eclipsed by Trevor Linden, who was subsequently knocked off by Markus Naslund,.

He will always be remember for his leadership and determination. A truly great Canuck.

Enjoy :canucks:



Checkout http://forum.canucks...s/page__st__100

or for Archived clips

NEW VIDEO ADDED: Kirk McLean: Captain - Calm, Cool & Collected

Before Roberto Luongo ended the goalie graveyard that was Vancouver. Kirk McLean patrolled the crease for the Canucks and was one of the backbones in their march to the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals.

With his calm and cool demeanor McLean held most of the club records before being taken over, mostly by Luongo, but also Dan Cloutier for most shutouts in a season.

Without a doubt he is most famous for the Save - A highlight series saving cross crease pad stack off Calgary's Robert Reichel. A save which will live in infamy on the West Coast.

Enjoy :canucks:




Checkout the new MARKUS NASLUND: OH CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN video added 5/12/11

Along with it you can also reflect back on: TREVOR LINDEN: BORN LEADER - CAPTAIN CANUCK

Will attempt to conclude the Captains trilogy with #12 STAN SMYL: THE STEAMER

Until then. Enjoy!




It's hard to believe they died 8 years and 6 days apart

I find it remarkable that two of my heroes are from the province of Alberta. Who would of thunk it.

Today would of marked the 46th birthday of Owen Hart, famed professional wrestler of the WWE(F)and son of the legendary Stu Hart.

Owen was a very liked individual amongst his peers and was one of the constant ribbers on the very lengthy road trips.

He would of been a treat to be around with. It is a sad month for him as of course today being his birthday. However 16days from now, will mark the 12th Anniversary of his passing.

So here is a special tribute video in Owen's memory. Also if you feel inclined to leave a donation to the Owen Hart Foundation, you can do so in his memory

(This video will be in my BRAVEMAN91 Canuck Videos page for the remainder of May)

The Luc Bourdon: Fire me an Arrow tribute video is now online, featuring Staind "So far Away" It is a modest tribute, with Alex Burrows appearances.

You can check it out on the BRAVEMAN91 page or by direct link.

RIP two great Canadians.


Well Canuck fans it is finally here. With Youtube having problems today, it took longer than expected. Dont forget to rate, favorite or leave a comment.


He follows in the foot steps of Stan Smyl and Trevor Linden, a character - heart and soul player with speed.

Over the past three seasons Ryan Kesler has elevated his play to elite status and is once again nominated, and this time an odds on favorite to capture the Selke trophy.

He is Ryan Kesler #17 of your Vancouver Canucks

For other videos



I recently made some Canucks videos, in the hope of seeking employment with the Canucks media team.

So I guess, in a sense that this is my job presentation. Although I would hope to work one day with the team and make videos for them on a permanent basis.

I also take pleasure in making them for you "The Fans" of the team.

More will come. Check my thread - There is a 2 new polls out (Favorite video so far, and what you would like to see next.

Subscribe to me:

Twitter: To find latest video updates:!/braveman91

To Mr. Mike Hall, if you are reading, I hope you enjoy sir.


*NEW* Luc Bourdon: Fire me an Arrow - Owen Hart Special Tribute (For month of May)

Ryan Kesler: Fearless AMERICANUCK - Trevor Linden: Born Leader, Captain Canuck

Roberto Luongo: Seeks Immorality - The Goal CBC Alternate + Hockey Night In Vancouver Intro

Hockey Night in Canada - Vancouver Canucks Edition - History will be made - Beautiful

Vancouver Canucks 2010 Playoffs

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