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The Official Site of the Vancouver Canucks


Please read the board rules carefully. Anyone who repeatedly violates these rules, intentionally or not, will be permanently banned from viewing or posting on Canucks.com at the discretion of the moderators. Some forums have specific rules, which are posted at the top of those forums.


Please report all violations of the rules below via the 'Report' link located at the top of every post.




1. You will be tolerant and respectful of your fellow visitors.


Do not:

  • Personally attack other users. Attacking an idea is acceptable, attacking a user is not.

  • Start flame wars, troll or otherwise post with intent to provoke other posters

  • Retaliate to personal attacks or trolling (use the report link)

  • Harass, stalk, or shadow other users with intent to provoke.

  • Use abbreviations such as 'STFU' and 'GTFO'


Do not be a mini-mod. Spamming the rules and/or telling people you have reported them will be considered trolling.


2. You will not spam.

Your message should be well thought out, and must add something of substance to the discussion. Please think before posting or creating a new thread. One-liners, list topics, quote pyramids, 'chat threads', and other "spammy" messages are not welcome. Do not post  'IBTL' or 'LOCK AND BAN' in threads. Effort should be made to stay on topic with the original post as 'thread hijacking' is not acceptable.


3. Do not post violent, sexually explicit, hateful, racist and vulgar comments.

Explicit language and intentionally bypassing the word censors will not be tolerated.


4. If you are a fan of a rival NHL team, you will not attempt to antagonize Canucks fans.

This is a Canucks site and Canucks fans have a right to a place where they can discuss the team among themselves in peace. In the same manner, Canucks fans shall not antagonize fans of other teams. Personal attacks against fans of other teams are not acceptable.


5. You will not start a new topic (i.e. hit the "new topic" button) if the topic already exists, and you will post your topic on the correct board.

Always search for an existing topic to reply to, and only start a new one if you are sure the topic hasn't been discussed recently. Please read the board descriptions and think about which board your topic belongs in before posting your message.


6. You will not discuss politics, religion, or illegal activities.

Discussion of politics, religion, criminal activities, piracy and illegal broadcast of games will not be permitted. No links to sites containing illegal material will be tolerated.


7. There will be no advertising or selling of any kind.

This includes selling tickets or merchandise, referral/invite links or soliciting to join another message board. Any promotional content posted or displayed in signature or profiles will not be tolerated.

  • Any 'classified' type advertisements

  • Threads, posts, links, or sigs advertising games

  • Any promotion to a website with intent to syphon traffic or make a profit

  • Advertisements and links to other message boards

  • Requesting for or selling merchandise in signatures


8. You will not abuse the moderators.

If you have an issue with a moderator's actions, need clarification on a moderator's decision, or want to make a suggestion please private message a moderator or administrator. Always treat the moderators with respect, even when expressing disagreement.


9. You will not possess multiple accounts.

Your account is for you only. You may not grant other users access to your account.

If you are found to be using more than one account at a time(i.e. proxy accounts), you will be permanently banned. Any attempt to bypass a temporary suspension will immediately result in your account being permanently suspended.


10. You will respect the personal privacy of players/management(past and present) and their families.

Discussions about players or management that have nothing to do with hockey (including talking about how good looking the players are) are strongly discouraged. You will not post personal and/or private pictures of players/management.


11. This is an English-language site, so we ask that posts in the forums be written in English.




Your signature image(s) will not exceed 600x200 pixels and your avatar will not exceed 80x80 pixels. The combined file size for avatars and signatures may not exceed 500 kB.

Please limit additional text and quotes to one or two lines. Your signature may be removed without warning if it is found to be too big. Images that are larger than 600x200 or 500KB are inconsiderate to those unable to access the site with a high-speed connection. To check the size of your image, right click your image to view its properties. Vulgarity, inappropriate images, advertisements, and anything else contrary to the other rules, are not acceptable.

Embedded video sigs (like youtube) are not acceptable.

Repeated signature size infractions may result in a warning, or in extreme cases, a suspension.




The following guideline will be used to determine what action will be taken for any rule violation. This is a general guideline, and the action is taken is dependent on context, which rule was violated, the severity of the violation and the discretion of the moderators.


1 point: Warning or one day suspension

2 points: Two to Seven day suspension

3 points: Two Week suspension

4 points: One month suspension

5 points: Permanent suspension


You may have your posting or messenger privileges revoked as part of your warning or suspension.



When you are banned, you will receive a message explaining the ban and the time to be served when you next login. You can check the status of your warning points by clicking the 'X warning points' text under your avatar. You will also be able to view moderator notes and explanations of past violations and suspensions.



In some cases, warning points may be set to expire a certain time after being received. If this happens it will be noted in your ban explanation message.


The moderators may also remove warnings at any time if they see you posting constructively and being a good influence on the forum.





Spam is posting a thread or reply that does not make a significant contribution to discussion. Moderators may allow some lighter threads (like game threads in White Noise), but in general it is expected that posters contribute and promote discussion. Posting isolated links is considered spam - please include an explanatory paragraph at the least.



Swearing or explicit language is not necessary for any discussion on these forums. There is an autocensor on the forums that prevents most vulgar words, but it should not be relied on to convert everything. Bypassing the autocensor is not acceptable and will result in moderator action. Moderators will initially edit posts, but consistent bypassing or attempted swearing will end in a suspension. This language rule applies to all posted contents including images and videos.


There are two small exceptions to this rule.

If a video is posted that is relevant to discussion, it may be posted with a text warning (ie. caution, explicit language) above it. Vidoes must not be set to autoplay.


We realize it is necessary for users to express themselves, and sometimes normal words are just not enough. In this case, you may string together symbols, as long as no word or meaning can be derived from them.


Acceptable: @*&#^!&


Not acceptable:

You f*!^$%@.


#*ck you.



Users on these forums should not be exposed to graphic violence, hate talk, or explicit sexual content. This includes advocation of hate, cruelty and illegal actions. Consider a 'one-click' rule to be in place - you may not post or link directly to any page that contains inappropriate content. Moderators will edit or delete inappropriate content immediately.



Trolling is defined as posting with the intent of annoying or provoking a negative reaction from other users. We realize this can be a grey issue in many cases, and moderators will use their discretion and judgment to sort situations out. The following is considered trolling:


  • Posting a negative topic about a group. For example, a "Why are ____ always ______".

  • Posting Fake Trades/Signings.

  • Posting about a person instead of the topic at hand. Please keep discussion topic based. If you are talking about another user in a way which is not relative to discussion, you're doing it wrong.

  • Using personal information or images to attack another user. This includes making negative comments about where someone has been educated, where they grew up etc.

  • Mocking other users by imitating their posting style and behaviour.

  • Being rude, condescending, overly critical and aggressive.

  • Spamming board rules, or telling other users you've reported their posts.

  • Posting abrasive negative judgement on the quality of posts (eg. 'Your opinion is moronic, ignorant, stupid)


Stay civil and discuss the topic rather than the users.



Flaming is defined as posting insults, or something intended to insult another user or group of users. Indirect attacks are included and not tolerated.


Not allowed:

'You're a moron'.

'Anyone who thinks _____ is an idiot."

'Only a complete idiot would say that."

Moderators will look at the context of situations to determine whether an attack is indirect. It is not acceptable to flame forum members, but some leeway is given to flaming people outside of the forum like public figures and celebrities, as long as the intent is not to antagonize other forum members.


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