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Ideas for line ups.

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Line up ideas.

First Line: Daniel Henrik Burrows

Second Line: Booth Kesler Doan (Or Lupul, or Versteeg)

Third Line: Higgins Lapierre Hansen

Forth Line: Ryamond Malhotra Kassian (Or Ebbet)

Pair 1: Edler Garrison

Pair 2: Bieksa Hamhuis

Pair 3: Ballard Joslin (Or Mullen)

Starter: Cory Schneider

Back up: Eddie Lack

In the very small chance of signing a big name like Nash, he would then replace Burrows, and Burrows would take the Doan/Lupul/Versteeg spot. Considering there would be no need or either three with the signing of Nash. Also, if they could sign two of either Doan, Lupul or Versteeg. Then one would remain in the chosen spot, while the other would replace a player on the third line moving that third line player into the forth line, having no need for Kassian or Ebbet.

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