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CCC - Clay's Canucks Commentary for March 3, 2011: Movin' On Up

The Vancouver Canucks added some depth at the forward position on this past Monday's NHL trade deadline, bringing in Christopher Higgins from Florida and Maxim Lapierre from Anaheim. They are both expected to play pivotal roles for the Canucks as they look ahead to the last quarter of the season and of course, the playoffs.

Given that they are both former Habs, I decided to take a look at the Canucks' current roster to see where all of our players have played before the Canucks.

Among the highlights:

-9 current Canucks started with the team

-the current Canucks have played on 21 of the NHL's 30 teams

-the team that most Canucks have previously played on is the Florida Panthers

-Mikael Samuelsson has the most "ex-teams" with 5

See these numbers, along with many others, broken down in this Clay's Canucks Commentary.



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