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  1. [VID] Have Another Donut

    Obviously they could do something about it, but they choose not to. The only logical conclusion is they don't mind diving, well unless you are a Canuck player. Then you are the spawn of Satan himself and the refs get to have a Vendetta against you.
  2. [VID] Have Another Donut

    Yeah, because every other series had one team getting 120% more PP opportunities than the other team. LOL, you obviously don't even follow hockey, why are you posting?
  3. [VID] Have Another Donut

    The reason we started is complaining is because....the reffing got outrageously bad. Or do you believe Canuck fans are somehow worse complainers than other franchise's fans, simply because they are Canuck fans?
  4. [VID] Have Another Donut

    Considering the rest of the teams in that division are well aware they can cheap shot Canuck players without taking penalties or getting suspensions, It's going to be ugly. Real ugly.
  5. [VID] Have Another Donut

    ROFL! Good one!
  6. [VID] Have Another Donut

    Pat Quinn tried that. Then there was a rule change and the Canuck big boys spent most of their time in the penalty box.
  7. [VID] Have Another Donut

    Great video. 16 year old kids reffing peewee hockey don't miss 1/2 the stuff these guys do. Amazingly bad.