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  1. sorry had friends over, today for sure
  2. when do you wanna play jp?
  3. when do you wanna try again? pm me
  4. Vancouver, when do you wanna play?
  5. When is the sim? I'm going to be active during playoffs.
  6. when does playoff start?
  7. yeah im all D, no O... gotta fire my PP coach
  8. everyone otb for the right price, looking for LHD to play with doughty
  9. I'm on right now, let's play If you need to play LA just pm me via CDC, that's the easiest way to reach me
  10. anyone need to play LA, just pm me on cdc
  11. I've actually reserved LA through PM with the commish, before he reserved today. And I've been member since day1
  12. Anyone need to play LA? Just PM me.
  13. Burke is the biggest punk of them all. I was winning in the series, was bout to eliminate him from the playoffs. He quit with 30s left and played the rest of the games and eliminated me from the playoffs. That is why I agree with the setting AI in the regular season but in the playoffs it should be turned off.
  14. Washington available to play at 9PM. Quite busy so I will set my AI, if I can't be reached, just play CPU.
  15. Everyone otb. I'm Washington. Looking for top goalie and fwd.