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  1. I got the new gold stereo headset Very good sound for the price and 100% wireless. Very pleased with it.
  2. I got bf4 oCUMMINSo Looking for more people to play conquest with me and my buddy.
  3. I tried taking lapierre out and they still shot it down. Id be willing to change the offer a bit but feel like as it stands its pretty fair value too. However as I've been told - they make the rules for the sandbox and I just play in it. Merry Christmas nubs.
  4. Make sure they are fair offers!
  5. Its not Stewart for Lapierre.. They are both going the same way in the proposal.
  6. Stop talking, you don't even know the trade..
  7. Right .. Except I've already had a trade approved..
  8. What a joke - Stewart and lapierre for pirri and etem Definetly a hockey trade.
  9. Steen, Stewart and Lapierre gone. Still looking to move Sharp Backes Bouwmeester and Oshie
  10. Alright - as I told you before I'm out of town for a week starting on the 27th - I've made numerous attempts to play my 2 remaining opponents with no luck. I'll turn my CPU on before I leave but would hope its monitored and those 2 font play my CPU. Anyone from the sim forward should be free to play my cpu until I return on the third to turn it off. Merry Christmas everyone.
  11. Sharp(88), Backes(87), Bouwmeester(86), Oshie(85) and Stewart (85) on the block. Looking to get younger (NHL Ready Prospects) - Send offers.