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  1. So just watched an Interview with Mr. Brent Larsen who was at the Game vs Dallas. The Canucks Organization Confiscated a sign with 8 to 2 minutes to go that Said "I support Don Cherry" and a pic of a Poppy with the excuse "it too big"... they had the host tell mislead him to the halway to be met by security and Van City Police to do this out of sight IMO. Check the Orgs own policy on signs... nothing about size. So Question is: does they Canucks org feel the need to take someone's property under false pretenses with police intimidation or is it the "Rogers Media" influence of negative opinion on their firing of Cherry. I am a lifelong Canucks fan (77'-78') as a child and a Vet with PPCLI 1st Battalion CFB Currie Barracks stationed in Calgary during the 90's and now because of these actions I have to ask myself IF on principle I can continue to support this organization if support for the Poppy and (be honest) a non offensive(by language) sign can lead to violation of Charter Rights(free speech). I honestly doubt this post will see the light of day which is truly sad. Sincerely, Canuck Fan Cue ban by DebluvsCanucks in 5,4,3,2,