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  1. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    That is a very fair switch if you feel that way, because Noel isn't a sure thing by any stretch, Farabee is, in addition to all of the positives you pointed out. As for Hughes/Dobson, I get the love in for Hughes, for me with Dobson though I view him as a homerun as well. Hey, we all got our preferences right? Nobody is going to see things the exact same way. I used to be bad for looking down at things I disagreed with. Now I try to see where they're coming from on things, and that's all I ask from anyone reading my stuff which is why I go into detail with my POV and why I like certain guys more, or don't like certain guys as much. Really appreciate you checking it out and the good feedback!
  2. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    This would be my blog and I appreciate you sharing it and reading it with an open mind! I don't expect to change minds or many people to agree with it, just simply where I'm coming from on those two players. For the record, I've got my latest and final top 75 prospects list out this morning, and a final mock draft coming out tomorrow morning if any of you would like to check it out! Always appreciate the feedback, even if negative, I just ask that its respectful. Anti Russian, that's why I loved both Provorov and Sergachev in their drafts? That's why Ovy is one of my favourite players, and I sung the praises of Kuznetsov all playoff long? Its not my fault that Russian forwards are being poorly evaluated in the draft. Since 2004 (Ovy/Malkin), 0 for 6 in the top 15, 3 for 13 in the first round. That's alarming for kids being drafted that high. Not once did I say anything about not drafting them, I just would be leery of drafting them too high...much the same as I'd be leery of drafting a goaltender too high. Does that make me anti goaltender? The term "pure playmaker" doesn't mean they can't shoot the puck or score goals. When I say that, I mean these are pass first guys and they're all terrific at it. Yes, they can score. I never once said they can't score goals.