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  1. LA has a "good playoff team"? I think the Kings have proven to be a downright outstanding playoff team over the past 3 seasons. Being "good" isn't enough; you have to be great and be lucky as well to win 2 Cups in 3 years. I agree with your comments inre Richards. He was terrible during the regular season, but is still a pretty darn good player to roll out on the 4th line. He needs to be much better as he gets paid a whole lot more than typical 4th liners. The Kings do have a very good system and don't need to rely on 1-2 players like you mentioned. Every player knows their role and they've been doing it near to perfection, especially in the playoffs.
  2. The fan base in So Cal is great. I don't know why people question it. Sure there are a lot of new fans jumping in with what the Kings have done the last 3 seasons, but the Kings and hockey in general have been very much on the forefront lately. There are 2 teams in the So Cal area and both get great support. The Kings have sold out every game the last couple years (and that streak will certainly continue next season). The Kings-Ducks sold out the Dodgers Stadium game, and So Cal is even producing NHL players now. LA will never be a hockey hotbed at the level of certain cities (ie Vancouver), but hockey is alive and very popular in So Cal.