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  1. The old one has gone on for 127 pages, time to give it a fresh new start. Old thread can still be accessible here: Rules: In your post, enter what kind of render it is (eg. I have a Martin Brodeur render, put in the post some where "Martin Brodeur"). This will make searching for renders easier. If it is a large render, post a link or use the thumbnail code. It will make the page load faster for everyone. Post only renders. Post your render requests in the Request Forum with the tag [RENDER]. Posts that do not follow these guidelines will be removed. Doesn't seem like anybody reads the rules, eh?
  2. Name That Goalie!

    #1 Trevor Kidd #2 Jeff Hackett #3 Trevor Kidd #4 Jeff Hackett #5 Pasi Nurminen
  3. [OFFICIAL] Renders Thread v2.0

    Wow, I'm surprised people are still somewhat following the rules.
  4. [OFFICIAL] Renders Thread v2.0

    Can people shut up and stop posting in this thread?
  5. I'm Bobby Lu. What do you kids want for Christmas? A Stanley Cup?

  6. I'm not actually 99 and it isn't my birthday. :lol:

  7. I am Roberto Luongo.