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  1. I think that's just Matthias' personality, and that he indeed was uncomfortable, almost shy or not sure what to say.
  2. LOL, I thought none of the above accept Schneids.
  3. Oh look the lightning are down 3-2 in the series with a 3-0 lead in game 6. How much you wanna bet they don't blow a 3-0 lead and lose in the third...
  4. Millers not playing well but I don't see him giving up 5.
  5. Twice on miller. Same play.
  6. Make em pay for these icings
  7. Edlers shots NEVER get through.
  8. Right. What's up with vrbata? He looked super shaky out there. I wonder if he's really hurt? Did you see how he just squandered the puck entering the zone with no one around him.
  9. It doesn't bother you when the GM says when we're down 3-1 and getting outplayed that "We have more experience than they do, and we've been competing"? I like JB, but would rather he come on and be honest with us and say "We've been getting pushed around and I know we're a better team than what we've seen lately, but I can assure you we'll compete harder because this isn't good enough" or something.
  10. Blah blah, we have more experience, we're coming out to compete. (Don't turn me against you JB)
  11. I understand he can't throw them under the bus, but to say they're competing is Sedin/Bieksa 'esque. That's the problem. They're NOT competing!!! Don't tell us they are. That's the number one problem!
  12. Yah he wanted out because he even realized how awfully stale this core is and doesn't want part of this. Suddenly what Torts and Kes said aren't false. This Canucks team IS years from competing. Kes wasn't about to waste three more solid years waiting for the sedins to whimper out their contracts and never show up in the playoffs.
  13. Gaudreau wasn't a top pick. Like 102nd overall or something.
  14. Because he's the GM and not the coach and he's prepping for the draft. Better than sitting up in the box watch the old core and hoping they come through and improve next year. Hopefully he drafts a few Gaudreaus and Monaghans to inject some life and hope into this listless leadership core. I hope he extends his stay. No reason to come home now.
  15. Like they're saying on the radio. Bottom line is this team isn't playing hard enough. And it's a complete indictment on the core of this team.