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  1. how do i change/set captains in 05?
  2. hmm can u make ur own guy?
  3. how do you see their potential?
  4. yes
  5. when is this season gonna start?
  6. thats great considering you cannot pirate the 07 version.. maybe because people are more interested in sports games not the micromanagement. or.. their skills with marketing just suck. sell it in the stores!
  7. i downloaded the updated rosters so its 2005 but with the 2007 rosters/players.
  8. oh snap.. do i have to reinstall my ehm if mine has the new rosters?
  9. is this with the updated rosters?
  10. can i pick the canucks instead please?
  11. ill take ottawa
  12. do a google search...
  13. okay wat teams are available?
  14. how does this work, are computer teams in it too? never played an online game.. and is this 05 with updated rosters?
  15. you have to buy the newest one, it cannot be cracked, but i think u can buy it online.