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  1. it better not be a gong show heading up and down SFU today.
  2. Environment Canada has just issued a snowfall warning for Greater Vancouver!!!!
  3. ^ you should definetley leave sfu if it gets worse. I remember getting stuck in my car for 3 hours last year when it snowed like this
  4. ^still snowing in Coquitlam. When was the last time we had a sunny day?? It was probably a couple of weeks ago, but it seems like so long ago!
  5. The WeatherNetwork says it's going to snow again tomorrow; we can expect up to 10cm...
  6. It's snowing in Coquitlam.
  7. I have my last exam on Monday at SFU...wonder what the chances are that it'll snow and the final will be postponed? Because I think I would welcome an extra day or two to study lol
  8. It's now raining in Coquitlam....
  9. ^ yeah last year I tried to take transit up to SFU, but they cancelled all the buses to there, so I was forced to drive because I had a test that day, but as soon as I got up there, I found out they closed SFU. I was not amused.... Just by looking at the picture you posted, I wouldn't be surprised if they cancelled/postponed the exams for today.
  10. Are you busing or driving?? If you're driving, I hope you don't get stuck on the road for 3 hours like I did because they had to close another road.... but I guess better safe than sorry!
  11. There is supposedly a hotel somewhere, I think they were charging $25 for the night. If I didn't drive, I probably would've paid that instead of walking down the hill. I was really tempted to ask people (who were walking down the hill) if they wanted a ride, but didn't. They probably made it down the hill faster than I did lol
  12. I've been sorta stuck up there. It was last February, I was going to take a bus up there because I had a test but then I found out the buses were cancelled. I decided to drive up to SFU only to find out that classes were cancelled. I was deciding whether or not I should wait for it to stop snowing at SFU because I didn't have much experience driving in the snow, but I decided it was better to drive home before it got dark. Big mistake, because I was stuck in my car for 3 hours because they closed the road. It was not a pleasant experience lol
  13. yes we really do want Burrows. That guy plays with heart and passion everynight.
  14. Snowing really hard (and sticking) in Coquitlam.