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  1. Best sig ever. (Chi fan).

  2. Just wondering: Its my wife and my anniversary and the Oct 9th game is my part of our gifts to each other. Who does one contact about maybe getting a "happy anniversary" on the big screen with a shot of us in the crowd? Or do they still do that sort of thing?


    Goal song should be SANDSTORM!! Its the only thing more annoying then chelsea dagger!
  4. ok first no - button, now no + button. Just not happy with the way members were dishing out ratings?

  5. WTF now the + button is gone. I really liked the +/- system (and was a +79 lol).

  6. what happen'd to the - button?

  7. Great posts. Perfect example of why new board members should be allowed to start threads (to the dismay of most CDC'rs. Keep it up.

  8. Thanks for the friend add :P

  9. Ohh sick, that's pretty sweet man

  10. Yeah no. Little different background. Same with Don Lemon (CNN) Chet Lemon (old detroit tiger).

    Im Swedish and English decent.

  11. Ohh, haha, are you related to Cleo Lemon, QB for Toronto Arrgonaughts, haha, i didn't know that was your last name, sweet

  12. hahaha I wonder if limes is his last name too

  13. Your name, Lemon, Lime, you guys can have a little internet connection!!!