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  1. Who finishes the season with more point?; benn, kessel, voracek, kunitz, duchene or brunner. Who finishes with the least?
  2. Alfy, Milan Michalek, Jbo and Ian White for Kesler and Enstrom would you do it? ( 1 year league ) Espn Rotisserie legue
  3. Hey I got Eastside manager 05 Im The Oshawa Generals how do I get prospects like patrick kane and Ian cole to play with me instead of playing us college hockey?
  4. Anyone have the updated patch for ehm 05 with Toews PM me if you do.
  5. I didnt add gm got staal and esposito 4th ovrl different years cause my team sucked traded for lundquivst rights and signed blake morrow arnott and richards the guy with Mithcell is blake
  6. this games messed up these are my lines and im like 13th in the west and missed the playoffs the year before im in year 3 ive had richards for 3 years smyth-B.RIchards-Hemsky Morrow-Arnott-Cogliano Torres-Shremp-Drake Pouliot-Stoll-Jf Jaques/and someone Pronger-Semenov(has hardest shot on team) Mitchell- cant remember Svret-Staios Lundqvuist(out 3months with torn acl or sumthing) Jeff Debourloue-dboiur(Something like that) Devin Dubnyk I had Richards Cogliano Arnott and lunqvusit for 2 year and the other oilers for 3 year just added morrow and drake last offseason Cogliano had 45pts in rookkie year while shremp was in the minors play 14-15 game with big club had like 2 points I have J Stall, E johnson, A Esposito, L couture, N williams all coming up what shoudl I do my team cant win
  7. Are Jonahtan toews or Cory Shenider or Jack Johnson in ehm 05?
  8. CAN SOMEONE ACTUALLY GIVE ME THE LINK TO EHM 05....and stop tellin me to buy it you guys probaly downloaded it also so link come on
  9. Can some post the link to download the 05 updated patch with Luongno on the Canucks.
  10. Some pplz help mr download eastside hockey 05 its stuck at 81% i am using the torrent progam to download 05 if there is a 07 full version to download for free someplz post the link thanx
  11. Im downloading it it 68% done its taking forever **** its pissing me off its 05 by the way
  12. How long does 05 take to download
  13. how the hell do you download this some one plz help me
  14. Can some one give me the direct link to download it thank it as or somthing but it does not work when i try downloading