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  1. Agreed. People are able to look over the stupid penalty that Kesler took because he's Kesler, but every little thing that Bieksa does is questionable. The media, especially TEAM 1040, blows things up WAY too much! I'm not saying Bieksa has been solid over the last few years, but he's been playing alright minus some stupid plays. Over the last few years on CDC, I've seen Naslund, Pyatt, Bernier, Raymond, Bieksa, all scrutinized.. and the only thing I can say is, media attention is only bad. The only places that I can think of that has it as bad as Vancouver or more is Toronto and Montreal.
  2. Phew sounds good. Throat is not a place you want the puck shot at.. Burrows sitting for a couple of games should be okay.
  3. haha thanks, SNSD rocks

  4. Your sig is awesome :) I have them as my laptop background.

  5. Classic. Blocking messages and running away. Good for you 25-year-old virgin.