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  1. I think the Canucks should trade Hamhuis and/or Tanev to Edmonton. They desperately need a solid stay-at-home D. Also, I would not be opposed to sending Ryan Miller to either the Oilers, Leafs or Flames for something in return. Once again, I am inclined to say that this Canucks franchise is ready for a rebuilding effort. Keeping old and expiring contracts for too long isn't for the best interest of the organization. Also, I would definitely NOT trade Virtanen, Horvat, McCann, Hutton, Markstrom, Demko, Baertschi or Shinkaruk. We were lucky to get a second round pick out of John Tortorella. Let's build off that and continue acquiring draft picks and prospects through in-season moves. I am hoping Jim Benning can work some magic and actually acquire some draft picks of significance instead of throwing away assets for 3rd round picks.
  2. Miss Bunny, please take a day of rest. lol. you are eventually gonna go insane from being on the CDC a day, all night.

  3. Where can I transfer from the Expo/Millenium line to the Canada Line?
  4. Steal is not to be spoken about at the draft, but if the prove comes by when he develops into the NHL, we will see if he was a steal or not. If he went to the Silvertips, we could drive down to check out his skills. Wow.
  5. I'd take Maria Sharapova out to dinner anytime. Until she gets old and ugly.
  6. Zach Boychuk vs Jordan Schroeder. This will be interesting. I feel Carolina Hurricanes is the perfect fit for someone like him, but Vancouver taking Jordan Schroeder will be interesting to see. He gives a component of something we never really had--speed and skill. Sure, Sedins got the skill, but never good on break-aways. Kesler has speed, but average skill. So we'll see. Hodgson and Grabner and Schroeder will be very interesting to watch.
  7. Zach Boychuk II. Don't like short kids guys? He is our man whether you like it or not. Same type of "off the charts" physical shape that Zach Boychuk showed in his combines. Speed, skill and not a lot of altitude in terms of height. Other than that, this is a dynamic player. Personally, I had him around 8 in my 2009 NHL Entry Draft rankings. Well, we really stole this player BIG TIME. Patrick White, you better put a whole lot ton of pressure on yourself to live up to expectations (get into the NHL)!!! Michael Grabner, Cody Hodgson, Zach Boychuk II (Jordan Schroeder) what a speedy, skilled, international, character group of future top-6.
  8. Great game last night, man.