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  1. One thing I'd like to see when the Port Mann is twinned and hwy 1 widened is to have a dedicated bus lane in each direction, and these lanes would run on the opposite side of a concrete barrier to isolate the lane from the regular traffic flow so the buses would just pass by any collision or stall. With this you could address transit service where skytrain isn't available(i.e. Langley/Fort Langley, parts of Surrey that skytrain isn't) and this would be an express service right into Vancouver. If Translink wants people to use transit for their commute to and from work build the system first before rambling on about getting people out of their cars. Like I said before these skytrain lines should have been built 10 years ago when costs were lower and there was less traffic on the roads to disrupt. People should have been using foresight and seeing the tri-cities and fraser valley populations growing at rapid rates.
  2. Personally I think all these Skytrain lines should have already been built when the costs were less than today and traffic wouldn't be as bad as it is now. I believe ALL fuel taxes collected should go towards the transportation infrastructure. There is probably enough available where any new tax wouldn't be neccessary. Translink has to go. I don't like the idea of an unelected group telling me I have to pay this much for this project and that project, meanwhile they can give themselves a pay hike anytime they feel like it and not be accountable in fact that goes with anything they do. Bring back BC Transit. The federal and provincial governments and Canadian Pacific should get together to install a second track from Mission to Chilliwack and the run the West Coast Express out to Chilliwack with an additional station in Abbotsford, because of all the growth going on in the central and eastern fraser valley. I know this one is a pipe dream