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  1. This was a funny thread, but keeping it pinned like it's something important is bush league.
  2. The fat lady is almost warmed up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=le-BoDs-Yt8
  3. What sort of business dealings do you have? You're obviously an expert on the subject.
  4. On the side of a milk carton?
  5. How original. Another "Bieksa Sucks" thread. Strange, I don't recall the Kings scoring on the power play while Bieksa was in the penalty box. Can any of you?
  6. Hopefully this can hit -1000 by the start of training camp.
  7. Speaking of look-alikes and Canucks, I saw a Bentley today with the personalized Ontario license plate M SUNDIN. It was parked outside a post office; I was going to wait a few minutes just to see if the owner would show up, but decided not to. True story, bro.
  8. That would be a perfect capper. Then the thread could be placed in a time capsule so future generations can enjoy it.
  9. I'm sorry, but since the chick from Medium doesn't post here no one knows for sure how Burrows really feels.
  10. The URL of this thread will be engraved on Clutch's tombstone. :D
  11. I wonder how far in the negative this would be if the voting system was in place at the time the thread was started? -1000 maybe?
  12. Some one gave you a -1 for this post:

    Don't worry, I got your back!

  13. He came back as Pinhead.
  14. He's Pinhead now.