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  1. I can see Nicklas Jensen getting 9 games with the team this year before being sent back to junior, but I don't see him sticking with the team for the entire season.
  2. It might be a prep school thing. All I know is that every article I've read says he was a junior last year.
  3. Except he's going into Grade 12. Kind of an issue.
  4. Man, I go from completely disagreeing with you in the "Trade Mason Raymond" thread to completely agreeing with you in the "Kyle Wellwood" thread. Your opinions should be the same as mine, dammit! Conform!

  5. Awesome people who love awesome things. This is the best thread.
  6. Happy Birthday! :P

  7. Amen about Markus. His commitment over the last two seasons to Vigneault's system led to a drastic drop in his offensive production and he shouldered most of the blame. I will remain a Naslund fan no matter what happens in this off-season.