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  1. A (maybe) Goodbye - MAY.20.08

    Nancy Henderson - I thought that I was the only one who got it and now I realize that I wasn't and I could not have said it better than you. Markus Naslund will always be "our king". I remember that final game wearing his #19 on my face, sitting in the stands having spent an extremely emotional day, and wondering why our fans think so little and simply refuse to remember the player that Markus was and can be with linemates that play to his style. His natural position is left wing, yet he was forced to play right wing most of the season. He isn't a cycler and doesn't play standing in front of the net yet he was forced to play that style. He was BLAMED for almost everything that went wrong by the media and the fans and he never complained. He loves Vancouver and so does his family and we adore them. I shall always wear his jersey and cheer for him and I hope that someone in the organization has the sense to let him wear the C, next year because nobody more than him deserves to wear it. I am not a Detroit Fan, but I will cheer for them and then just maybe the media will put a lid on it about a non Canadian Captain (a Swede no less) winning the Cup. Who knows if they do win, the next captain parading the cup could be our SWEDE, in a Canuck uniform.